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Best Off Road Winches

If you are looking for winch that has all of the features that you need. You may want to consider these 7 options. Each of these off road winches has features that you may be looking for. However, before you make your decision, you should review each to see which one or ones will fit your needs and requirements.  Since not all of these off road winches are same, you will most likely see that one is much better than the others. So, you should also look closely at what is being written about the best off road winches and their features, pros and the cons of that have been listed.

List of Best Off-Road Winches

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Load CapacityCheck Price
Warn VR Winch8,000 LBS, 10,000 LBS, 12,000 LBSCheck Price
X-BULL 12V ATV /UTV Winch Kits4,500 LBSCheck Price
Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch9,500 LBSCheck Price
X-BULL 12V Electric Recovery Winch12,000 LBSCheck Price
Tungsten4x4 T12000S Electric Winch12,000 LBSCheck Price
Westin Automotive Products 47-210612,500 LBSCheck Price
BOAR Jeep Winch13,000 LBSCheck Price

Further, for those of you who want the best type for your needs, you can pick and choose the exact features that can assist you in performing these jobs with ease and safety.

Warn VR off road Winches

(12,000, 10,000, and 8,000 lb Recovery)

Main Features:

  • Warn VR Winch features an 8,000 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. pulling capacity making it ideal for most Trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps.
  • It also features durable construction, dependability, and quick line speed making it long lasting.
  • For a perfect design, it comes with a low-profile design that will fit your most 4WD.
  • Furthermore, the Warn VR winch gives you the option to pick Steel or Synthetic rope from all models.
  • For grander winching control, it has an exclusive brake design that is easy to use.
  • For excellent load control, it comes with Series-wound motor for quick line speed and sufficient power.
  • This warn winch is covered with a 7-year electrical warranty and a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Lastly, it has a dependable planetary design. Moreover, it is smooth and durable.
WARN 96805 VR 8-S Winch
WARN 97035 VR12-S Winch

Most people using the Warn VR Winch enjoy it, as it is well equipped and powerful to perform the job with easiness. It is well designed by the proficient WARN manufacturers, proved for its reliable and durable eminence control team and then tested by enthusiasts in the rock, off-road, and mud trails.

In fact, numerous people have proved this product is designed for overall performance even on tailor-made bumpers. What’s more, it comes with a remote control making it easy to use since it is compelling to accomplish the task safely. It has an exceptional torque making it easy for users to handle and control it from the dashboard and you can efficiently use it on the off-road trail.

Most clients say that WARN VR winch that is more valuable than the money it costs. Nonetheless, the WARN manufacturers have made sure the VR winch is available and has excellent quality user support. Therefore, it can compete with other off road winches in the market. Majority users recommend it to others as a tangible powerhouse.

This amazing Warn VR winch highlights particular of the state-of-the-art technology, and you can find it in the recovery market. Apparently, choices are numerous with the Warn VR winch. Thus, transform the appearance and look of your VR by replacing the factory winch and shifting the position of the pack to lodge various mounting spaces and options.

Do you opt for steel or synthetic rope? Don’t worry, WARN Company provides both for every capacity.

Additionally, note that the Warn VR winch comes in 8,000lbs (VR8, VR8-S), 10,000lbs (VR10, VR10-S) and 12,000lbs (VR12, VR12-S) load capacity. therefore it can perfectly suit or fit any application or need.

X-BULL 12V ATV /UTV Winch Kits

(4500LBS Recovery with Wireless Remote control)

Main Features:

  • This winch has been designed with a three-stage planetary gear system.
  • It also comes with a High tensile steel cable that is durable enough for the hefty jobs.
  • For fast rope payout, the user has access to a Free spooling clutch.
  • 2PCS wireless remote control.
  • For positive load control, this winch has a Power in and power out feature.
X-BULL 12V ATV /UTV Winch Kits (4500LBS Recovery with Wireless Remote control)

Because this off road winch kit has limited reviews, we can only go by what we have found along with the consumer feedback to date. So far, the reviews for this product has been relatively good since the consumer feedback is giving a thumbs up in many areas. In general, based on the information posted online by users who have made this purchase, the winch kit works very well and does what it has been promised.

Therefore, there are many users who are well pleased with the product that they have received. The manufacturers are also providing a bonus for the users to use, which is a remote control feature that gives the user the opportunity to control their activities from far away.

It is also important to note that the product usually arrives as expected. Therefore, others can be confident about ordering this kit from Amazon. The installation of this kits is said to be easy to do. So, overall this is a great buy.

Just like there are pros, there are cons too. Based on what the users are saying, the cable for the battery is not long enough for the Honda Pioneer 700-4. In fact, it is not uncommon for others to say that the cable is too short for them to use properly so they will need an additional alternative.

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch

(9500 lb. Load Capacity)

Main Features:

  • This winch comes with a 6.6 HP Amphibious motor
  • With a 500 AMP Solenoid, this product is Completely Waterproof
  • Manufacturers are also offering a 3 Stage Planetary Gear System
  • This winch has been given a Waterproof IP67 rating with a load capacity of 9500 pounds
  • Available with a remote Corded Smittybilt 97495 XRC
  • For installation, this Kit is provided with a complete all wiring system
  • Smittybilt, Inc.provides a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser on of its stainless steel materials.
  • Dual-stage, powder coated.
  • Comes with a 100,000 mile or 5-year warranty (whichever comes first).
Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch (9500 lb. Load Capacity)

This winch is a very powerful tool that can be used for a diversity of jobs. Because it is not completely geared down, it winds must faster than most. It has also been rated for 9500 pounds. Designed to double the power of its functioning’s with the addition of a snatch block. Last longer than many other off road winches because of the waterproof features. The roller fairlead is not a separate purchase since manufacturers have included this feature with this product.

X-BULL 12V Electric Recovery Winch

(12000 lbs Load Capacity with Wireless Remote Control Kit)

Main Features:

  • This winch comes with 26 Meters of Stainless Steel Cable
  • For positive load control, this winch comes with a Power In & Power Out Motor
  • For fast wire rope payout, it has a Free Spooling Clutch that it simple to use
  • Easy use from far away, manufacturers have included 2PCS Wireless Remote Control
  • With 2 wireless remote controllers and a 1 hand controller, manufacturers have provided a bonus for its users
X-BULL 12V Electric Recovery Winch (12000 lbs Load Capacity with Wireless Remote Control Kit)

Many users enjoy this winch since it is powerful enough to do the job with ease. Some people have tested it out for performance on different bumpers included those that have been custom made. Since it comes with a remote control feature, it doubles the ease in usage because its powerful enough to take the job safely. Provides users with more than one way to control the off road winch, externally and from the dashboard too. Can be used in a rough country because it has an excellent torque.

Most users say that it is more than worth the money that is spent. The manufacturer has also ensured that this product comes available with superior quality customer support. So, it can compete with the best of them. Highly recommended to others as a real workhorse.

The weight of this winch 100 pounds. However, it has the capacity to pull 12,000 pounds so it is not lacking in muscle power.

Tungsten4x4 T12000S Electric off road Winch

(12000 lbs Load Capacity with Synthetic Rope, Hawse Fairlead, and Handheld Remote)

Main Features:

  • This winch has been designed with a Powerful 6.5 hp series wound motor
  • Manufacturers have designed this product with a 3 stage planetary gear and have the functionality of a 265:1 gear ratio.
  • With the features that this product offers, users can take advantage of its 12,000 pounds rated line pull
  • With hawse fairlead, it has been made with 73 feet of 5/8 inch synthetic rope.
  • Easy to install and use since it has special features that automatically keeps dust and water out
  • Product has been given an IP67 rating
  • For convenience and safety, this winch comes with a separate control box and has a remote control that can be used from far away as 28 m.
  • Designed to fit a wide variety of vehicles including SUVs, Jeeps, and trucks
  • This winch comes with a 3-year limited warranty
Tungsten4x4 T12000S Electric Winch (12000 lbs Load Capacity with Synthetic Rope, Hawse Fairlead, and Handheld Remote)

This off road winch has been designed with a 12,000-pound designation so it is strong enough to do a lot of jobs that others cannot do. The first layer on the spool has been made to be the strongest so it works just fine. It has been designed with the additional line so that it will give the user additional leverage in its mechanical usage. Since some people may want to replace the steel cape with a synthetic rope, manufacturers have given the user the capability to make these replacements.

Also, because synthetic replacements will also require that the hawse fairlead with the 4 way roller to be changed too, it has been designed to also accommodate both. This is a great buy for the price.

Westin Automotive Products 47-2106 Black

(12500 lbs Load Capacity Waterproof Winch)

Main Features:

  • This off road winch has been designed with a durable 6.6hp 12V series wound motor
  • It comes with a Corded controller that can be used to manipulate it easily
  • Designed with an Automatic In-the-drum brake
  • 3-stage planetary drive system makes the required activities efficient and much easier to take control of.
Westin Automotive Products 47-2106 Black (12500 lbs Load Capacity Waterproof Winch)

Consumers are pleased with this purchase since it makes a great by. For those who may have problems, putting things together can benefit greatly from the simple to understand instructions. Suitable for use with different kinds of trucks including those that weigh as much 7500 pounds or more. Vehicle owners like this product because it is super easy to use. however, Limited features supplied compared to others in the industry. This winch available with 2-year mechanical components warranty.

BOAR Jeep Winch

(with Stainless Steel Cable and 13000lb Load Capacity)

Main Features:

  • This winch comes with one of the highest quality hooks along with a 4-way roller fairlead
  • The manufacturers have designed this motor with an efficient series wound motor that it is very powerful to use.
  • To ensure the winch can stop quickly with the problem, it has an automatic brake for holding that is also mechanical it’s functioning.
  • With 85 feet of 3/8 inch Stainless Steel, this winch has a Rated line pull of 13000 lbs,
  • Comes with an added Bonus that features a 1 Wireless Remote Controllers plus a Hand Controller for greater ease of navigation.
BOAR Jeep Winch (with Stainless Steel Cable and 13000lb Load Capacity)

This winch comes with all of the tools and options needed to install it with ease. It is also sturdy and well built for the price that consumers are required to pay. For those that live in cold climate areas, this is a very good buy since it is durable enough and has the functionality to last throughout the cold winter months.

Looks very well built for the price, came with everything needed for install will update in a few months. User are also given the capability to remove and relocate the control box if they want to change it out and remove it to the engine compartment. The user has been given the capabilities to work the remote controls by opening up the hood. Therefore, it eliminates the possibility of unnecessary issues of concern.

Sometimes require a lengthier cable to complete certain jobs and projects that need to be done. Though the motor has been designed to be waterproof, it is important to note that the control box is not.

Final Verdict:

In this Best Off-Road Winches review, each of the 7 off road winches has been designed with their own unique features. Therefore, based on your preferences, you can make your decisions between each. Since some of these winches has the capacity of handling up to 4500 pounds and other have the capability of handling up to 13,000 pounds, each buyer will need to pick and choose the winch that is suited to their individual needs. It is also important to note that some of these winches have been designed for specific kinds of vehicles. For instance, the WARN VR and Tungsten4x4 T12000S have been designed to fit several different types including Jeeps, SUVs, and trucks. Overall, each of these 7 best off road winches is suited for different situations and are great buys for their price.