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How To Remove Pet Urine Stains From Your Carpet

How To Remove Pet Urine Stains From Your Carpet

We all love keeping our pets clean all the time. Isn’t nice? They keep us company, especially when we are alone, watching movies, or depressed. For most of us though, keeping them neat and odorless is practically impossible. Our pets can only be tidy when we observe their hygiene at all times. Often after cleaning them, they may run outside and roll over a smelly heap of trash in the backyard, especially for dog pets. What if you have a pet who keeps peeing on the carpets?

Pet urine stains on our carpets make even the most hardworking housekeepers embarrassed. Most of these spots are often very noticeable, and the accompanying scents irritating. However, these stains can be removed. Therefore, it is always advisable to clean their pee immediately they mess the carpets otherwise it might be quite expensive to have it done professionally.

Most of the over the counter detergents can get the work done. However, the problem is when we leave the urine to dry on the carpets. When the urine dries, it crystallizes. These crystals are sometimes nearly impossible to clean out, hence if they are not done away with, they can be present for years, making breeding grounds for bacteria.

Some of the best carpet cleaners for pets urine stains on your carpet include:

For fresh stains:

Check out some of the simple steps to efficiently getting out pet urine stains on your carpet.

Cleaning old stains:

Pet urine stains can be challenging, but the above procedures are all excellent and should be able to do away with stains even without hiring professional cleaners.