Best Baby Walkers: Gift your baby the best-rated baby walker today

Last updated on August 20th, 2021

Walking is one of the biggest milestones for every young baby. Every parent is usually left buzzing with joy when they see their little angel starting to pull up just to stand or take a few steps on their own. However, it is risky to let them try and walk on their own at this stage since they may fall and get injured. Furthermore, if you choose to hold him up to try and walk him yourself, you will get tired or even no time for that.

So, how can you solve these problems? It is simple! Get the best baby walker.

However easy that may sound, getting the ideal baby walker for your kid can be a bit complicated sometimes. This is because there are lots of baby walkers in the market nowadays. To help, we have done intensive research and testing and created a compilation of the top 10 baby walkers of 2021.

With that said, let’s now get started.

Top 10 Best Baby Walker Reviews

NuoPeng 3 in 1 Baby Sit-to-Stand Walker

If you’re looking for a colorful multi-functional baby walker that will provide more than one amusement to your baby, then NuoPeng Sit-to-Stand Walker is the best choice for you.

This assistant walking tool is ideal for babies who stand and walk by the wall. It gives them a place to grasp and smooth pushing ability without rolling by itself. This is because when the baby takes a step forward, this walker’s wheels control the speed preventing the risk of falling.

Furthermore, you can convert it into a playing table or board. This, therefore, makes it a great asset since your baby will grow, stand, and walk alone without this walker’s aid after a certain period. And during the learning period, there is no need to disassemble and store it thanks to its convertible design. This walker is also fitted with joyful music that inspires and excites your baby into taking a step forward by pushing it.   

AGE: 9 months and 3 years.

Key Features:

  • Writing and Drawing Board to improve their ingenuity and imagination.
  • Certified Safety: 100% non-toxic and safe materials with quality and safe non-tip design.
  • SMART Walking Design: Features a “Smart” learn to walk process thanks to its music that inspires your baby to keep walking.
  • It is a 3-in-1 multi-functional design for toddlers and babies aged between 9 months and 3 years.
NuoPeng 3 in 1 Baby Sit-to-Stand Walker

Why we like it: Music and Drawing Board: One of the best things we have liked about this baby walker is its Writing and drawing board. Besides being a baby walker, this device can also provide your baby with extra fun platforms like learning how to write and draw, which improve their ingenuity and imagination. This board comes with 4 colorful small props and a pet.


  • It helps your baby to learn actual standing and walking, which improves the baby’s strength and coordination
  • It is a fun and great transitional toy
  • colorful small toys to play with
  • 3 in 1 walker is sturdy than most other brands
  • It is an effective assistant walking tool
  • Simulates vehicle with steering wheel and it converts to a drawing table easily


  • It is quite a heavy design than most baby walkers
  • When pulled back, it can easily topple over (“but no biggie”)

Tiny Love Meadow Days 4-in-1 Baby Walker

This walker from Meadow days is one of the best baby walkers for hardwood floors. It rolls well on the hardwood floor, but on the carpeted floor, it may get stuck. It has great sturdiness and great safety features, unlike other brands with a similar design.

If you have a small recreational space in your house, then the ideal baby walker to go for will be this one. It is the best walker and jumper that is a perfect fit for the 6-month-old kids. It comes with a small “table-like” extension with toys or enough for your kid to put other toys on it and play with.

This mobile activity center is also versatile and has zero chemicals listed in the prop 65 warning. It is fitted with several quality features that improve not only its performance but also its durability.

AGE: 6+ months.

Key Features:

  • It comes with six development toys to improve your baby’s ingenuity and imagination.
  • Easy to clean to keep your baby safe and healthy
  • It features a 360-degree rotating seat design to allow flexibility.
  • It is a 4-in-1 design.

Why we Like it: Its 4-in-1 design feature, One of the best features of this unique baby walker design is its 4-in-1 design that provides both fun and learning all in one. Your baby can safely practice walking, push it, or bounce and giggle. Or you can lock the wheels to spin around while playing stationary.

Tiny Love Meadow Days 4-in-1 Baby Walker


  • Easy to clean
  • It nests neatly and easy to store when not in use.
  • Versatile baby walker design.
  • Best for 6-month-old
  • Great space saver


  • Some of these products may have rough and sharp edges at the bottom that can be smoothened. Otherwise, it is great.
  • Not ideal for use in carpeted floors, mostly if you are using a large medium-pile rug.

Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

Hey! Are you looking for something comfy, versatile, and washable? If so, then I recommend you try Joovy Spoon Walker. This is one of the best-rated baby walkers, and it comes with a dishwasher safe removable insert.

One major drawback of this design is doesn’t have the wheels lock feature. Furthermore, it doesn’t come with pre-installed toys like most others, and its height setting isn’t fit for all, which is a “no biggie” for most.

But besides those disadvantages, it is perfect for hardwood use and, more importantly, for travelers. This is because the design folds well for easy storage and travel.

So, what are the key features that made this baby walker appear in our top ten list?

AGE: 9+ months.

Key Features:

  • Removable Dishwasher safe insert insert
  • JPMA Certified for safe use thanks to its non-slip stair pads, but more importantly, it is a PVC, BPA, and Phthalate free
  • Folds flat for easy travel and storage
  • Extra-Wide Footprint for safe and safe enough to swing their legs.
Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

Why we Like it: Extra Large Tray, Besides its beautiful design, easy to store, and different height position, Extra-large Tray is our best feature. Unlike most baby walkers, this brand comes with a large tray that offers enough space to place several toys and enough place food. This means it offers real life practical application since the baby can play at it while also can eat meals at it.


  • Easy to store thanks to its foldable design
  • Offer three height positions.
  • It has an extra-wide footprint.
  • The insert is easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Best fit for tiles


  • Not best to use in heavy carpets since it might get jammed.
  • Doesn’t have enough height for mostly tall babies
  • You cannot lock wheels.

Pastel Wooden Baby Walker and playcenter

For wood lovers, here is one of the top-rated wood baby walkers for you. This 5-in-1 activity center is the best choice for toddlers aged 12 months and above. The baby walker is the best learn to walk tool and an entertainment and a learning center for your kid.

Its design features rounded edges to avoid hurting your baby in case of accidental falls. Furthermore, it comes with exclusive wooden toys and in attractive colorful packaging. Its wheels are big enough to fit both indoors and outdoors use as well as heavy carpet use. However, the design can be a bit flimsy and far way expensive that most baby walkers.    

AGE: 12+ months. Here are some of its top features.

Key Features:

  • Certified safety: Made of wood, so no risk of PVC or Phthalates.
  • High-quality wood with rounded edges    
  • It is Multi-functional baby walker design.
  • It is a 5-in-1 design play center featuring tasteful pastel colors.

Why we Like it: Big wheels and purely wooden, These two things are the main core features that make this baby walker the best. Being a purely wooden means, you are free from PVP and phthalates, thus improving your child’s safety. Moreover, water-based paint is used in painting it.

Pastel Wooden Baby Walker and playcenter


  • Its material enhances environmental sustainability.
  • Super versatile and adventurous for kids to learn and play
  • It is a scute and study design made from quality wood materials.


  • The design is a bit flimsy when not fixed well.
  • It is quite expensive.

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Baby Activity Walker

If you have less space in your apartment and need a baby walker to help teach your baby, this baby walker is the best.

It is also considered the best walker activity center since it helps your baby learn to walk and have fun. This baby walker is best suited for hardwood floors or lighter carpets. Its 2-in-2 features mean it can easily convert from a baby walker to a seat and ply activity table. Additionally, it has an adjustable seat pad height that offers you more options while helping your baby grow.

Besides this baby walker comprising of cotton and plastic parts, it is still easy to clean. This is down to plastic parts needing a wipe only to keep them clean while its insert being machine washable.

Key Features:

  • It’s a 2-in-1 baby walker.
  • Easy to clean thanks to its machine washable design
  • Multi-functional Baby walker to offer both learning and playing platform
  • Compact and foldable design for easy storage and transport

Why we like it: It’s a compact, small sturdy design that suits small spaced apartments allowing you to use it without it restricting movements across the house.

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Baby Activity Walker


  • It is easy to clean
  • Has fun developmental toys
  • Super easy to fold for easy to store or transport
  • It’s a high-quality design with great colors than most other brands.
  • Occupies less space making it great for use in any sized apartments
  • More stable multi-functional design


  • The plastic washer piece loosens quite easily, which may fall and get lost or even break.

VTech Sit-to-stand learning walker.

If you are looking for a toy to help your child transition from crawling to slowly learning how to walk, Vtech’s sit-to-stand walker is the toy to get. Just attach a panel to it as the baby grows and voila! the baby will continue to learn as they grow.

Key Features:

  • Encourages musical creativity: The toy has over 70 sing-along songs, music and sound effects that helps to improve sensory development.
  • Rollers: It features two colorful rollers that spin, 3 light-up buttons and other 3 shape sorters that help develop motor skills.
  • Piano keys: This baby walker has 5 piano keys that play music and encourages the child’s creativity. 
VTech Sit-to-stand learning walker
  • Play panel: This interactive learning baby walker features a removable play panel that can always be detached from it. This panel comes separately in a brown box and is easily portable and helps to improve the motor skills of the child.
  • Great wheels: The wheels work well on carpeted and hard floors. No skid marks are left of any floors and due to its no-slippery surface, the speed at which it moves in is regulated and thus guaranteeing the child’s safety.
  • It keeps the baby on a learning track teaching shapes, animals, shapes and most importantly, music.    
  • Play phone: it has a pretend telephone that enhances role-play fun.

Why we like it: With removable batteries on the pretend phone, it ensures that it is re-usable and also safe to the child. It also impacts the child with creativity and motor skills and encourages play.


  • Safe.
  • Easy to assemble and detach.
  • Available in 4 colors.
  • It comes with a 90 days warranty.


  • The wheels are slippery and may move faster in slippery floors.
  • Not suitable to be used on slippery floors.

Ready, Set, Walk! DX Development Walker

With this plush toy, your child can stretch their legs while playing with their favorite Disney character toy. With it comes multiple development activities ranging from a 12-song entertainment availability to amuse and make your little one laugh and at the same time stimulating the auditory senses.

Key Features:

  • Supports heavy weight: With a maximum weight capacity of 30 pounds, the Disney ready, set, walk kit is great for babies getting ready to walk and allows for them to practice making their first steps.
  • Entertaining toys feature: This push toy contains a variety of Disney toy that help to entertain your child and encourages multiple development activities.
Ready, Set, Walk! DX Development Walker
  • Unique design: The Disney ready, set, walk development walker has been designed with a wider base to maintain stability thereby preventing any injury to the child.
  • Detachable: It has a padded seat that can be easily removed and the toy bar is also detachable to allow for cleaning and reattachment is also not complex.
  • Space: The Disney ready, set, walk development walker has a large tray space to store plenty of snacks for the child.
  • Foldable: The baby walker easily locks into a compact shape for storage and is portable when travelling.
  • Fun flash light: this helps to improves the child’s visual senses.

Why we like it: With three-position height adjustment, the Disney ready, set, walk walking set offers the right height and fit for toddlers of various ages. It is also comfortable for babysitting on it due to it being padded.


  • Allows for height adjustment.
  • Has a washable seat pad.
  • Sturdy and easy to clean.
  • Has great neck support.


  • The wheel may lack the desired mobility.
  • The toys on it may be popped out by the child.

Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy

Recognized and approved by pediatricians and development experts all over the world, the Melissa and Doug plush toys have been noted to impact the values of hands-on and imaginative play. These skills are crucial building blocks to promote self-confidence and resilience in a child and these push toys help you achieve this.

Key Features:

  • Engaging activity: The alligator push toy has fish on the wheels, spinning butterfly and ladybug beads and this graphical wonder is completed with a cattail on the handle support that help to improve hand-eye coordination and fine tunes the child’s motor skills.
  • Great quality: Every toy designed by the Melissa & Doug company meets high quality standards set and their products are appealing and beneficial to your child. With advices from child experts and engineering of the highest quality, these push toys are guaranteed to have a positive impact on your child.
Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy

  • Makes sound when moved: these push toys let some noise accompany its movements. It makes a gentle clacking noise when pushed. This makes the toy playful and encourages gross and fine motor skills.
  • Strong handle: with a handle easy to grab and hold on to, your little one can be able to push the toy in straight lines or in a zig-zag pattern without the fear of it breaking and leading to injuries.
  • Non-skid wheels: these wheels prevent any sudden slips while the push toy is being pushed and in slippery surfaces, it lets your child walk without moving too fast and leaving no marks on the floor.  

Why we like it: It ensures your little one’s safety through the rubber strip that it has around the wheel that maintains its speed at an all-time low even on smooth surfaces. The alligator’s mouth also opens and closes without hurting the child’s fingers and is a playful tool as well. 


  • Has a rubber strip around the wheels.
  • Works perfectly on smooth surfaces.
  • Affordable.


  • Requires move force to push it.
  • There is no mechanism to adjust the speed of the wheels.
  • It is not collapsible.
  • Not available in many wide ranges of colors. 

Dino Sounds Discovery Baby Walker

If you’re looking for a walker that would keep your baby highly entertained with a variety of themed toys designed for motor control development, then this baby activity by the Safety 1st Store would be a perfect choice. This activity table is fixed with light and sound that would effectively help promote your baby’s cognitive development.

Key Features:

  • Playful toys: The walker’s main feature is a toy-based platform that includes 5 dinosaur themed toys, playful sounds and lights that help your baby grow their minds and preoccupied as you carry out other duties.
  • Machine washable: The padded seat is machine washable making it easier to clean whenever the baby makes a mess.
Dino Sounds Discovery Baby Walker
  • Adjustable height: With 3 different height positions, you can easily keep your baby at the right height as they grow allowing them to move comfortably and with ease.
  • Compact foldable design: The walker is designed to fold down nesting inside the outer frame making it easier to move and store when it’s not being used.
  • Strong wheels: These powerful wheels allow your child to move equally well on both bare floors and carpets with a grip strip on either side of the wheels that prevents them from getting stuck on uneven surfaces.

Why we like it: It’s fun dinosaur-themed toys with sound and light are a delight to the kids keeping them preoccupied and entertained. It works well on both bare floors and carpets and the robust wheels make it highly stable.


  • Accurate adjustable height
  • Fun play toys for kids
  • Works well on both bare floors and carpets
  • Reasonable and affordable rice


  • Assembly instructions might be confusing
  • You might need to remove the grip strip on either side of the wheels for easier movement on tough surfaces
  • Only comes in one color
  • Plastic material used in design may be flimsy

BABY JOY Baby Walker

Baby Joy is the premier Canadian brand responsible for creating this organic, personalized, and unique baby walker. This foldable activity walker comes with exciting features and toys that are professionally designed to keep your baby entertained and preoccupied.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable height: Babies grow at quickly and this baby walker offers 3 full adjustable height positions to grow with your baby. Keep your child at the right height as they grow/
  • Foldable compact design: Portability is one of the main features in the design. The baby walker is easily foldable to make it easier for transportation or storage.
BABY JOY Baby Walker
  • Easy to assemble: The activity table features simple and easy to assemble parts such as large plastic tray for snacks, removable seat pad, and an easy to unfold frame design. Set it up in a matter of minutes without the manual.
  • Easy to clean: The padded seat is easily washable and the activity table simple to clean.
  • Soft and comfortable seat: The padded seat is designed for ultimate mobility and best comfort for your baby. It’s designed with polyester batting that is breathable, lightweight, and high back to provide additional support.
  •  Wide base: The activity table is designed with an extra wide base for top notch stability and protection against colliding with random objects around the house.

Why we like it: The wide base is a protective measure against a collision with any obstacle within the baby’s environment. Its foldability makes it easier to move to different places and it comes in three different colors for the parents to choose from. Finally, the detachable toy bar makes it easier to


  • Safe and secure
  • Easy to assemble
  • Seat easily adjustable
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable toys for safety
  • Easily foldable for storage
  • Play bar can be used to attach other toys


  • Might not move easily on carpet due to protective bars
  • Play bar may be hard to remove
  • Wide bumper has sharp edge on bottom dangerous for bare feet
  • Rubber coated wheels may not move easily on carpet

What things to consider before buying a Baby Walker

1. Safety

Your baby’s safety should be your top priority when shopping for a baby walker. Some of the risks involved with baby walkers include the following:

  • They elevate your baby; thus, allowing them to reach for items they couldn’t before. 
  • If your baby happens to be energetic, not only will they allow him/her to move, but will do so fast. This makes your child prone to accidents whenever they come into collision with random obstacles around the house. Furthermore, if there is a steep in the house to which the baby has access, he/she may ride over it. 
  • A curious baby would always try to inspect every angle of the baby walker. Therefore, any sharp edges could be an unintended trap with potential injury. 

Try to be cautious by considering a few points during your purchase, for example:

  • Consider a baby walker with a wide base. These wide-based baby walkers prevent the baby from any collisions with an object that could cause them harm. 
  • Modern baby walkers come with advanced mechanisms that prevent the babies from falling down the stairs. However, as a reasonable and responsible parent, you should ensure that your baby doesn’t have access to the stairs. 
  • The walker should have a safety warning sticker that is clearly displayed on it. If you can’t find such a feature, move on to the next option. Do not, under any circumstances, compromise the manufacturer’s warning label. 
  • Finally, if you need to look away from the baby from time to time, choose a baby walker with wheel locks. This feature can transform the walker into a stable and immobile seat that keeps the little ones in one place.  

2. Weight

The baby walker you’re about to choose should be of the right weight. This would allow it to accommodate your baby’s weight accordingly. Some walkers may fail to hold the child’s weight, making them dangerous and uncomfortable. Furthermore, if your baby doesn’t have enough foot power, a weak or heavy walker would make it hard for them to walk.  

3. Height

The porch onto which the baby sits should be of equal height to their feet. A baby walker of lower or higher height would be uncomfortable and strenuous for the child. Moreover, since babies grow very quickly, they might outgrow walkers with fixed heights.

Unless you’re comfortable replacing the walker every season, you might want to consider one with an adjustable height. This will help you save up on having to scrutinize new walkers every few months during purchase.

4. Quality

Whether or not you’re on a budget, try as much as possible not to buy a second-hand walker. Fairly used baby walkers might be defective, and, therefore, are of lower quality as compared to new ones. Furthermore, they may not satisfy current safety standards for walkers. However, don’t just buy any new walker that fits your baby’s specifications. Be sure to check the baby walker’s built quality and whether or not the manufacturer is a trustworthy supplier according to their reviews online. 

Finally, since these baby walkers come with a set of toys attached to them, ensure that they are well fitted without the possibility of your baby breaking them. Once the baby can break these toys, it becomes less of a quality issue and more safety or even choking hazard. 

5. Comfort

As much as the baby walker you choose may adhere to all the other mentioned features, your baby would not want to use it if it isn’t comfortable. Consider a baby walker with a padded seat. The padding allows your baby to sit on the walker for long periods without getting irritated.  

To sum up, it is up to you to decide on behalf of your baby when buying a baby walker. Therefore, it would be best if you found a walker that meets all the above features for your child’s comfortability and peace of mind. 

Best baby walker’s Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and answers in this section are designed to help you, as a parent, make the best and healthy decisions that are safe for your kids. 

  • Are baby walkers failproof/perfectly safe?

No! Baby walkers aren’t perfectly safe. Each year, children under the age of 5 are rushed to emergency rooms due to baby walker-related injuries. These devices allow children to do things that are too soon for their time. Some of the risks posed by these baby walkers include:

They elevate your baby; thus, allowing them to reach for items they couldn’t before.  

If your baby happens to be energetic, not only will they allow him/her to move, but will do so fast. This makes your child prone to accidents whenever they come into collision with random obstacles around the house. Furthermore, if there is a steep in the house to which the baby has access, he/she may ride over it.  

A curious baby would always try to inspect every angle of the baby walker. Therefore, any sharp edges could be an unintended trap with potential injury.  

  • Do baby walkers help with early child development?

No! Baby walker doesn’t help babies walk earlier. Learning to walk is less about knowing how to use your legs and more about learning to pull to stand and balancing while taking steps without support. Babies placed in walkers at an early age don’t learn any of that. Instead, they tend to use the muscles in the back of their legs and walk on tiptoes.

Babies learn to walk faster by being placed on the floor and using objects such as a couch or stool to pull themselves up. If a child is exposed to baby walkers for longer periods than the floor, it can delay when they sit, crawl or even walk without help. 

  • Do baby walkers help babies balance while standing?

No! A walker comes fixed with a padded seat that doesn’t keep the baby in a complete standing position. Similarly, the child doesn’t have to balance themselves in a walker, making them dependent on the support they’re getting from this device.

Finally, whether the baby tips to the side or forward, the walker will always prevent them from falling, once this becomes a habit, the baby will find it hard to stand on their own; thus, delaying their movement. 

  • Is it true that the parents to babies who get hurt in baby walkers are only inattentive or irresponsible?

NO! It doesn’t matter whether you’re the most attentive parent around because anyone can take their eyes off their babies for a short period. Even if you may have placed the baby on flat ground during this time, anything might happen.

A baby moves three feet per second in a walker and that is enough speed to collide into anything around them. Walkers might give parents a false sense of security, making them think that they don’t need to be within the child’s arm’s reach. However, that is exactly where they need to be. 

  • Is it true that children placed in a walker for longer periods during their early childhood can delay cognitive development?

Yes. Parents often think that walkers are an enriching experience for their kids. While this might be true to some extent, leaving your babies for extended periods on the walker makes it less true. Babies learn by exploring objects within their environment. Dropping things and crawling after them to pick them up is part of development.

However, while a baby walker allows the infant to motor over to things, it prevents them from picking anything u whenever they drop them. These walkers also deprive the child of the ability to freely explore his/her environment, which could adversely affect cognitive development. 

  • What is the best option/alternative?

You can opt to get your child a wheelless baby walker without a dish base as a parent. This is a great option, together with stationary activity centers. However, kids should not be left unattended, even when using the recommended alternatives.

Final thoughts

Without a doubt, a baby walker offers essential features that ensure a gradual transitional learning and effective growth of your baby. But it is recommended that you get the best baby walker to avoid risking your baby health or even getting injured. Choosing the best isn’t quite an easy process, but with our buying guide at your disposal, you can easily identify what to look for from the top-rated baby walkers.

Choose one from our 10 best-rated baby walkers and give your baby some enjoyable experiences. Also, don’t forget to share your opinion in our comment section.