What is TIG welding or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding?

What is tig welding?

The idea of TIG can be traced back to 1890 but it was perfected in the year 1941. Russell Meredith, a welder from Southern California invented this technique. Needless to say that it was an instant success because people could manufacture ships, build airplanes a lot faster than before, and opened other many opportunities. What … Read more

Best Plunge Router Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Plunge Router Reviews with Buying Guide

When choosing a new woodworking tool, like a plunge router, it can be tough to figure out which one would work best for your specific needs. With all of the choices available in the market, we’re going to cut through the confusion and review eight of the most powerful and best plunge routers currently on … Read more

Best Grease Gun (Review & Buying Guide with some FAQ)

All about Best Grease Gun (Review & Buying Guide with some FAQ)

The real question is what is the best grease gun? For that matter, how is it possible to pick the best grease gun? Well, we are here to answer these questions. If you want your car (or other machines for that matter) to function smoothly, then you’ll need to lubricate it adequately. So how can … Read more

Best Pottery wheels for Beginners with Buying guide

Best Pottery wheels for Beginners with buying guide

For any potter, pro or amateur, the most important tool is obviously the pottery wheels. It’s a fact. There are so many pottery wheels out there. But which one is really better? If you are an inexperienced potter, then you’ll need something convenient and versatile at the same time. So what are the best pottery … Read more

What is Planers? with Use and Types of Planers

Surform Planers

Wood has always been one of the most precious elements for almost all civilizations. Even in the modern era where concrete has taken over, wood is still popular when it comes to making furniture. In order to create different furniture, people use various tools and one of those tools is a planer. So what is … Read more

Things you want to know about Fume Extractor

Fume Extractor

Having issues with nasty, toxic, and unbearable smoke in your workshop? Yeah, we know how that feels and we also know how to deal with that. All you need is a good, functional fume extractor and that will get rid of that nasty smoke for you. So let’s talk more about it. We will answer … Read more