Best Table Saw Reviews, That You Need to Consider First.

Last updated on August 25th, 2021

Are you passionate about woodworking projects? Whether you do this for a career, as a hobby, or other DIY duties, then you will appreciate using the best table saw. With one of these tools, you can cut wood easily and conveniently so that you can achieve the desired results without having to waste much time and energy. To help you locate the appropriate table saw from the variety of tools available on the market, discussed below are the top 10 table saws that you should consider giving a try. Read on with an assurance of locating a tool that will enhance the best user experience.

List of best table saws

DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw

Key features:

  • A compact and lightweight design enhance portability.
  • 24½” rip aids in cutting a vast of larger shelving and trim materials.
  • Metal roll cage base guarantees stability and durability.
  • Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails enhance fast and smooth adjustments

Clinching the top position is the Dewalt compact job site table saw. As the name tells us, the saw features a compact size which makes it a great choice when you are in need of a portable table saw. Besides the compact size, the saw houses a 15Amp/4800RPM motor which makes it suitable for cutting through hardwood. You can get the saw when you are in need of one that is stable and durable since it includes a metal roll cage base.

DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw

Furthermore, the saw acts as a perfect choice when you are in need of one that will allow you to store tools that are not in use since it includes onboard storage that provides easy access to the tools. The saw includes adjustable rear feet that make it a perfect choice for use on uneven surfaces. Also, it features a table coating that is designed to reduce friction for a smoother cutting experience.


  • The saw includes a dust port that allows you to attach a 2½” vacuum hook up to eliminate much cleanup.
  • A 24-tooth carbide blade ensures a quality cut and a longer blade life.
  • The blade is adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees which makes it suitable for bevel applications.
  • A site-pro modular guarding system aids in a tool-free adjustment of the guarding components so that you can use the table saw for a variety of duties.
  • You can tuck the guards away when they are not in use.


  • The tool is a little bit loud when operating.
  • Its miter gauge is not useful.
  • There is no place to store the blades.

Grizzly G0691

(Cabinet Table Saw)

Key features:

  • 4” dust port helps to eliminate the dust thereby reducing the work involved during cleanup.
  • Powder-coated paint enhances strength.
  • 50’ rip capacity 7mdash delivers more than enough power to enable the saw to cut to the center of a standard plywood sheet.
  • A true riving knife moves up and down and also tilts with the blade for versatile cutting performance.
Grizzly G0691 Cabinet Table Saw

Next we have the Grizzly table saw. If you have been looking for a durably-constructed table saw, then you will be good to go with this product. The saw features heavy-duty handwheels, heavy-duty cast iron trunnions, and powder-coated paint all of which are designed to guarantee strength. Also, there is a precision-ground cast iron table as well as extension tables so that you can get the table saw with an assurance of reliable performance. The table saw is CSA certified to meet the UL 987 standards so that you can acquire it with an assurance of safety.


  • A high-quality motor enables the saw to deliver the power that allows it to cut through hardwood.
  • An easy-glide fence includes knurled knobs meant to enhance an easy adjustment of the fence.
  • A steel tubing frame guarantees strength and durability.
  • A dimensionally stable top guarantees safety when you are using the table saw.


  • The dust-collection system is not so reliable.
  • The saw takes time to assemble.
  • The power cable is not efficient for a user who needs to get the benefit of a greater reach.

Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw

Key features:

  • A 1-3/4HP motor that features a poly-V belt helps to reduce vibrations thereby enhancing the efficiency of the motor.
  • 30” accu-fence system provides you with space and stability that is required.

Are you looking for a table saw that will help you tackle any amount of woodwork? If that is the case, the Powermatic table saw is the answer to your dreams. The saw features a wired design which requires you to connect it to a 115-Volts cable. In addition, it includes a hands-free power switch which makes it easy for you when you need to put it on or off. The sturdy miter gauge is another addition that pivots to 60degrees on either side so that you can use the table saw to handle a wide range of cuts. The saw includes a blade surround that eliminates obstruction and a collection hose meant to maximize dust collection.

Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw 50-Inch Fence


  • A tool-less guard assembly design guarantees ease of assembly.
  • An independent side enhances safety.
  • The table saw is easy to assemble.
  • The clamping force is easy to adjust.


  • The package doesn’t include a saw blade.
  • There is no mow-profile riving knife.

SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw

(PCS175-TGP236 1.75-HP)

Key features:

  • A T-glide fence system offers an expansive work surface while ensuring smooth operation.
  • A gas-piston assist ensures easy operation.
  • An open gearing system ensures minimal dust compaction.
  • 1.75 HP motor delivers the power that is required to rip through hardwood.
  • Poly V-ribbed belts minimize the vibration to enhance a quiet operation.
SawStop PCS175-TGP236 1.75-HP Professional Cabinet Saw

Engineered for use by serious woodworkers, the Sawstop cabinet saw is designed using high-quality materials so that you can acquire it with an assurance of durability and reliable performance. To be specific, the saw includes a professional T-Glide fence that is made using high-quality thick gauge steel. More to that, there is a heavy-weight trunnion, durable powder-coat finish, thick arbors, and a durably-constructed open gearing all of which are designed for users looking forward to purchasing a table saw that is built to last.


  • A shroud and dust collection blade guard aid in capturing the released saw dust.
  • The table saw includes a mobile base that features two fixed wheels and two 360-degrees casters to enhance portability.
  • An ergonomic one-foot operation helps a user to lift the saw.
  • The foot pedal features three quick pumps that help to raise the saw.


  • The saw is a little bit pricey but it is worth it once you consider the safety feature.

Grizzly G1023RLW

(Left-Tilting Table Saw, 10-Inch)

Key features:

  • Polished chrome handles enhance durability.
  • The blade is encapsulated below the table to maximize dust collection.
  • A quick-release splitter guard allows for quick changes between the blade guard and the riving knife.
  • Its riving knife moves up and down and also tilts with the blade to enhance versatility.

Another product by Grizzly is this cabinet left-tilting table saw. The table includes a built-in router table which doubles as a table extension wing. On the other hand, the router table features support legs and a universal T-track router clamping system which is designed to guarantee convenience. The classic fence is another addition that enables the table saw to act as a router table fence.

Grizzly G1023RLW Cabinet Left-Tilting Table Saw, 10-Inch

You can use the table saw with an assurance of safety considering that it is CSA-certified to meet the CSA C22.2 and UL 987 standards. Also, the table saw is a great choice when you are in need of one that is durably constructed due to the precision-ground heat-treated solid cast iron construction, the heavy-gauge steel cabinet, the high-quality cast-iron handwheels, and the cast iron trunnions all designed to enhance durability.


  • A magnetic safety switch guarantees safety.
  • A 5/8” diameter arbor features a long design that allows it to hold dado blades up to 7/8”.
  • T-slots on the table prevent the miter gauge from falling once you retract the table.
  • A user can make laser straight dadoes without the need for changing the table saw blades.
  • The router table is easy to set up


  • The blade guard is bulky.
  • There is no dust-collection feature on the blade guard.

DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch

(Jobsite Table Saw with 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity and Rolling Stand)

Key features:

  • 32½”rip capacity enables the user to cut trim materials and a variety of larger shelving with much ease.
  • A rack and pinion fence ensures easy, accurate, and smooth fence adjustments.
  • A rolling stand guarantees easy setup and breakdown.

Are you a serious home hobbyist or woodworker looking forward to purchasing the best table saw? If that is the case, you should be good to go with the Dewalt Jobsite table saw. The saw packs a powerful 15 Amp motor which enables it to cut through hardwood with ease. Also, it features a flip-over fence which enables you to make narrow rip cuts. You can get the saw when you are in need of one that will minimize the cleanup process after use since it features a 2” dust collection port that connects to a vacuum to enhance efficient extraction of the dust.

DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw

Also, the saw is a great choice for one that is easy to roll over different types of terrain due to the large heavy-duty wheels that guarantee portability. The saw includes a 26¼” x 22” table meant to enhance superior material support. Also, there is an onboard storage system that allows you to store accessories such as a push stick when they are not in use. Its ability to deliver 3-1/8” depth of cut at 90 degrees and 2¼” cut depths at 45 degrees makes it a great choice when you are looking for a versatile table saw.


  • The table saw includes a telescoping fence that extends and retracts with a lot of ease to enhance portability.
  • The saw comes with clear instructions making the assembly process quite easy.
  • The large fence system and increased power enable the saw to cut everything you throw at it.
  • A compact design enhances portability and ease of storage.


  • Adjusting the blade is a little bit difficult.
  • The miter gauge is not a high-quality one.
  • The table surface is not evenly flat.

Bosch 4100-10

(10 In. Gravity-Rise Worksite Table Saw)

Key features:

  • 15amp motor enables the saw to deliver the power that is required to rip through hardwoods.
  • A riving knife and anti-kickback pawls enhance safety.
  • A SquareLock rip fence allows for a one-handed operation when the user is gliding.
  • A soft-start circuitry helps to manage the intensity of the motor startup while minimizing chances of tripping a circuit breaker.

Get the job done whenever and wherever you need it with this table saw. The saw features 8” tread pneumatic wheels meant to enhance guarantee mobility over a variety of terrains. What’s more, it features a large cutting table surface so that you can use it to hold wood that is up to 25” wide. You can get the table saw with an assurance of strength, thanks to the large cast aluminum top. Also, the table saw is a perfect choice when you are looking for one that is designed for reliable performance despite the condition you pose it due to the constant response circuitry that helps to maintain the speed under load and overload protection.

Bosch 4100-10 10 In. Gravity-Rise Worksite Table Saw


  • The table saw features a guard assembly that prevents blade contact to enhance safety.
  • A collapsible design of the table saw stand enhances portability.
  • A dust collection port minimizes clean up.
  • A big and easy-to-reach power button enhances ease of use.


  • The blade is a little bit difficult to adjust.
  • The saw is loud when operating.


(10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw with 20-Inch Max Rip Capacity – 120V)

Key features:

  • The blade can be adjusted from 0-45 degrees so that you can use it for bevel applications.
  • 20” rip capacity makes the table saw suitable for cutting larger shelving and trim materials.
  • A dust collection port holds the saw dust to minimize the clean-up process.
  • Rack and pinion fence rails enhance fast and accurate fence adjustments.
  • A quick bevel lock features a large scale to ensure accurate adjustments.
DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw

Featuring a compact size and a manageable weight, this is one of the table saws to purchase when you are looking for a portable device. In fact, the saw weighs 45lbs making it easy to carry from the garage to the job site. Besides that, it features a steel roll cage designed to guard it against damage from job site drops so that you can acquire it with an assurance of durability. The table saw packs a powerful 1850watt motor that enables it to rip through hardwoods with a lot of ease.

In addition, it features a fence system that provides for a 610mm rip capacity so that you can use it to cut large sheets of material. The table saw is safe to use, thanks to the modular guard system that protects the hands and fingers from being cut. More so, the guarding system enhances the ease of setup by allowing for tool-free adjustments which make the table saw suitable for use with a variety of applications. The overload protection system is another addition to the table saw designed to guarantee a powerful performance in frozen, wet, and hardwood.


  • The table saw features a coated table surface so that you can use it with a guarantee of less friction.
  • A cast table top design guarantees accuracy.
  • There are telescoping fence rails that retract to ensure portability.
  • The saw comes with a variety of accessories including a miter gauge, blade guard, 10” 24-tooth carbide blade, and a push stick so that you can get started on different projects as soon as it arrives.


  • The dust collection port doesn’t hold a lot of sawdust.
  • To most users, the miter gauge is worthless.

Bosch 4100-09

(10-Inch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand)

Key features:

  • A SuqareLock rip fence allows for one-handed operation while enhancing cutting trueness.
  • Soft start circuitry ensures a smooth ramp-up meant to minimize the chances of tripping of the circuit breaker.
  • A constant response circuitry helps to maintain the speed for an overload or under load protection.

Get your woodwork projects done with the Bosch worksite table saw. The saw comes when equipped with a 3650rpm motor to guarantee high precision even when working with hardwoods. Also, it is equipped with 8” treaded pneumatic wheels to enhance mobility from one Jobsite to another. You can adjust the height of the table saw so that it can meet your needs and desires, thanks to the gravity-rise collapsible table saw stand that allows you to adjust the height. The table saw is safe to use due to the riving knife and anti-kickback pawls that ensure protection. In addition, it can hold wood that is up to 25” wide on the large cutting table surface to guarantee versatility.

Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw


  • The saw is easy to store and carry
  • Large easy-to-reach power button makes it easy to operate.


  • The provided directions are a little bit difficult to follow.
  • Changing the blade consumes a lot of time.

Types of table saws

Table saws fall into two major categories, portable table saws, and stationary table saws.

1. Portable table saws:

As the name suggests, these saws can be carried from one place to another which makes them suitable for mobile hobbyists. The saws are of three types and below are these types:

Benchtop saws:

In the portable class, the benchtop saws are the most compact type of saws. The table saws do not feature wheels or a stand, but their lightweight design makes them easy to carry. The table saws are made using materials such as aluminum, plastic, and other composite materials to enhance a lightweight design. These tables can be used when placed on a table or a workbench, and they are suitable for cutting softwood such as pine and plywood.

Compact table saws:

These table saws take the next position from the benchtop type. The table saws feature a lightweight design, but they also include features such as stands. Also, the saws feature a highly stable work surface when compared to the benchtop saws, and their motor is the direct drive type of universal engine.

Jobsite saws:

These table saws are the strongest table saws in the portable class of table saws. The saws can tackle a variety of woods which makes them a great choice for users looking for a table saw meant to rip a variety of wood. The saws are still compact and portable while they come with better fences and extension tables to guarantee versatility. Other features that these table saws provide include alignment adjustments, dust collection ports, riving knives, and onboard storage among others.

2. Stationary table saws:

Stationary table saws, on the other hand, are table saws located in a fixed area, and these are a suitable choice for woodworkers who work from a fixed location. This class of saws is classified into three types as follows:

Contractors table saws:

Contractor table saws are the least expensive saws in the stationary class of table saws. Furthermore, when compared to the hybrid and cabinet saws, these table saws are less powerful but more powerful than the saws in the portable class of table saws.

Hybrid table saws:

These table saws are an upgrade of contractor saws. They are more powerful than the contractor type, and also include a larger rip capacity, better fences, and the ability to collect more dust when making precise cuts. The saws include inboard belt-drive induction motors and open leg stands. However, there are still models that feature full enclosures such as those found on the cabinet table saws.

Cabinet table saws:

These are the most powerful and durable types of table saws. The table saws feature a cabinet-like enclosure and strong tables which make them a great choice when you are looking for table saws that will rip through hardwoods. Moreover, the saws are bulky and designed for long-lasting performance.

How to choose the best table saw

1. Motor power:

Also referred to as engine power, this is a crucial factor for you to consider when you want to gain the most out of the table saw you purchase. After all, who wants to buy a table saw that will be rendered useless just because it cannot deliver the power that is needed to cut through the type of wood at hand? I don’t believe that you want to get such a table saw.

Therefore, get a saw with a higher horsepower (unit of measuring the power) if you are in need of a saw that will cut through thick wood or hardwood. On the other hand, a saw with just the required power for cutting through thinner wood will be suitable if you do not plan to cut hardwood or thick wood. For instance, a saw that features a motor that can deliver 1HP or 2HP is suitable when you need to cut wood that is 2” thick or less. On the other hand, the motor power should be higher than 3HP if the wood is thicker than 2”.

2. Type of the drive:

Table saws feature two types of drives; the belt drives and the direct drives.

Belt drives:

These types of drives feature a V-belt and pulley system which aids in transferring power to the blade. The saws that feature this system are suitable for cutting through thicker wood which makes them a great choice when you are in need of the best table saw for cutting hardwood o thick wood. Besides that, this type of saw is a great plus when you are looking forward to purchasing a saw that features a motor that is designed for a long since the motor is located away from the blade to prevent the dust from settling in the motor. On the downside, however, belt-driven table saws are expensive when compared to direct-driven saws, and these saws have a higher maintenance cost since you will be required to replace the belts from time to time.

Direct drive:

The reason this drive is referred to as the direct drive is that the blade comes when connected to the motor so that the engine can transfer the power to the blade. Direct-driven saws are a perfect choice for users looking for a cheaper, quieter, portable, and less-maintenance table saw. However, note that these saws are not the best pick when you are looking for one that will deliver enough power that will help you cut through hardwood or thick wood.

3. In-built storage:

Does the table saw provide onboard storage so that you can store the tools that you are not currently using? I would recommend that you purchase a table saw that features onboard storage. That way, you can store your tools in such a space so that you can access them with a lot of ease. Furthermore, such a feature allows you to eliminate the clutter in your working space.

4. Consider the weight and size:

If you will be working in a limited space, it goes without saying that you will be required to get a compact table saw. After all, there is no need of getting a big table saw that will be rendered useless just because it cannot fit in the available space.

Also, get a compact and lightweight table saw if you will be using it in different locations since you will need a unit that is easy to move around to meet different needs. That way, you can be sure to meet a variety of needs conveniently. If space is not a problem for you and if you plan to work in a fixed position, the size and weight will not be much of a concern since you will not be required to move the saw consistently.

5. Safety features:

If you want to use a table saw with peace of mind, then you must pick one that incorporates a variety of safety features. After all, would you compare losing a finger to the extra cost of the safety components? I don’t believe so. Therefore, look for the following features to ensure that you are good to go with peace of mind.

Blade guard:

Although most users prefer to get a table saw that excludes this feature, this is not the best way to go. A blade guard can limit your vision and ability to measure the cuts when it is attached, but it helps you to keep the fingers away from the saw blade. Moreover, the same guard can lead you to take some more time when you want to change the blade and remove stuck wood, but it is worth it since it can help you stay safe. Therefore, ensure that you purchase a unit that includes a blade guard since this can help you to keep the fingers safe.


Besides including a blade guard, the best table saws include sensors and a braking system. Wondering how this works? Well, the sensor in the table saw helps to sense good conductors of electricity such as the human skin. In return, it activates the aluminum brake which stops the blade immediately to protect the fingers from being cut.

Push stick:

A push stick is a great addition when you want to move the wood you are cutting near the blade without having to place the fingers next to the blade. Therefore, get a table saw that comes along with a push stick or purchase one of these separately so that you can have your hands away from the blade at all times.

Splitters and anti-kickback pawls:

As one of the leading causes of table saw accidents kickback occurs when a piece of wood that is being cut gets ejected back at a high speed so that it can hit the user. To prevent such accidents, it is worth it that you acquire a table saw that features splitters and anti-kickback pawls. Basically, a splitter is a vertical blade made of metal or plastic. On the other hand, anti-kickback pawls are blade-like devices that include claws located on the sides of the woods. The pawls aid in stopping the wood in the event of a kickback to ensure that the user is safe.

Magnetic switch:

A magnetic switch is another feature to look for when you want to ensure your safety. After all, can you imagine what would happen once the power comes back at the time you are trying to adjust the saw and blade? I believe that you do not want to imagine. Therefore, get a unit that includes a magnetic switch so that it can shut off the unit automatically in case of a power outage so that you can be the one to turn the table saw on.

Final Verdict

You do not want to use the time you would spend working fighting with your tools, the reason I recommend that you purchase the best table saws reviewed above. Remember, these tools are available at reasonable prices whereas they are designed to render you with the best user experience. Therefore, give them a shot with an assurance of purchasing a table saw that is meant to deliver reliable results in all instances.