Top 7 Best Electrician Tool Belts

An electrician’s tool belt is an essential gear for any smart electrician. Apart from keeping the tools safe, the tool belt helps keep all your tools within an easy reach, as you don’t know when a particular tool will be needed. Thus, as an electrician, a tool belt makes your work efficiency, as well as saves you the time and energy spent looking around for your tools of work. It is therefore important to invest in one of the best electrician tool belts the market has to offer.

However, given the landscape of the market, there is a wide range of electrician tool belts available, which makes choosing the best one a daunting experience. Below is a review of the Seven best electrician tool belts, to help you choose which one best suits you. But first, what do you look for before purchasing an electrician’s tool belt?

What to consider before buying a tool belt?


Carrying a belt full of tools is not an easy task. In most cases, there will be days when the tool belt will be strapped to your body for hours. It is for this reason that an electrician cannot afford to overlook the importance of a comfortable and fitting tool belt. An electrician’s tool belt with padding on the interior lining guarantees extra comfort on your hip and back, thanks to its cushion-like padding material. On the other hand, you should avoid tool belts with sturdy buckles, as they can be quite discomforting. This is because large and sturdy buckles can dig into your belly which is not only discomforting but also can hurt a lot, especially when bending over.

Number of pockets and compartments

Basically, most electrician’s tool belts have an average of fifteen pockets. Although there are some with up to thirty pockets, it is always important to pay attention to the number of tools you carry or use. This simply means that you don’t have to buy a tool belt with too many pockets yet you only carry a few tools. Additionally, it is important to note that the number of compartments and pockets greatly affect the overall weight of the tool belt. To find a perfect blend of the weight of a number of pockets and weight; you might consider going for a tool belt with multiple compartments inside the pockets rather than a belt with too many pockets.


Like any other tool, the durability of a tool belt is paramount. Unfortunately, some belts aren’t built well. With time you will find out that the rivets start to pull apart or even worse the material starts to wear off. You should invest in a belt with superior design and high-quality material for guaranteed durability.


As much as spending too much on an electrician’s tool belt doesn’t sound pleasing, you don’t want to end up buying a cheap tool belt which in most cases their quality is questionable. It is always a good idea to balance between quality and your budget. Ensure the tool belt you buy not only falls within your budget range but also ticks all the boxes in term of a quality tool belt.

List of the 7 Best Electrician Tool Belts

Now that you are already familiar with the things to consider before buying an electrician’s tool belt; here is a comprehensive review of the Seven best electrician tool belts in the market:

Occidental leather 5590 M

Key features of the Occidental leather 5590:

  • Made of high-quality leather material.
  • Fully adjustable to comfortably fit any electrician.
  • No spill tool holder system.
  • Well placed pockets to promote faster and efficient access to tools.
Occidental leather 5590 M  Electrician Tool Belt

Why we like it: The best thing about the Occidental leather 5590 M is the number of compartments this tool belt offers. The California based company, Occidental, truly had the modern electrician in mind when designing this leather tool belt; as evident from the dozen of compartments, clips, pockets, and straps inclusive of a hammer holder. These compartments come as a mixture of both small and large pockets. The large pocket features four large compartments designed to accommodate the larger piece of equipment while the smaller pocket comes with over thirty smaller pouches, ideal for carrying smaller equipment.

Another amazing thing about this leather belt is that despite having all these compartments and being made of high- quality leather, it only weighs a mere six pounds. On top of it all, the superior craftsmanship and comfortability of the Occidental leather 5590 M make it worth investing in one. The fact that it comes in different sizes; medium, large, small, and extra-large; also is a huge plus, especially when considering comfort and fitting.

Review: The occidental company really did a commendable job when designing the Occidental leather 5590 M. From the more than sufficient compartments to the heavy duty leather material used create this tool belt, it is no brainer that this tool belt is a masterpiece. However, there are a couple of downsides of this leather tool belt. First, the larger compartment is made out of nylon. For starters, the nylon material is less durable as compared to leather. And the fact that, it is actually the larger compartment made of nylon- which is more likely to carry heavier tools- makes it seem a bit odd. Finally, the leather 5590 M lacks a dedicated clip to hold a tape measure. Although, you can clip a tape measure to the exterior of a larger pocket; it is uncommon for an electrician’s belt to lack such a clip.

Bucket Boss 55185

Key features:

  • Made of heavy-duty ply-fabric.
  • Adjustable belt fits up to 52-inch waist.
  • Reinforced pouched bottoms durability.
  • Comes with three sizeable pouches.
  • Has removable suspenders.
Bucket Boss 55185 Electrician Tool Belt

Why we like it: The first thing we love about this tool belt is that it comes with three large tool pockets. This allows for ample room for accommodating all your tools if not every tool. When it comes to quality in terms of material used in craftsmanship, the 1680 heavy-duty poly-fabric used to make this tool belt, is a tough material that is hard to tear apart; thus the durability of this tool is out of the question. Moreover, the bottom of the bags is reinforced with diamond PVC making them super resistant to abrasion.

Another reason why recommend the Bucket Boss 55185 electrician tool belt, is that it features three spacious pouches that are well designed to cater to the need of space. The pouches are further divided into a variety of compartments allowing you to efficiently organize your tools. What’s more is that it also features a heavy-duty webbing hammer loop on the side of one of the pouches. Another reason why the Bucket Boss 55185 is worth it, is the infinitely adjustable belt, which makes it ideal for any electrician no matter the waist size

Review: The Bucket Boss 55185 is one of the best electrician tool belts not only for electricians but also for farmers. What sets it apart from the rest is the four-link suspension system which is elastic to allow for flexibility and movement as well as support a load. Although the belt system is well-designed to allow for adjustability, the heavy duty buckle can cause a bit of discomfort, especially if you have to bend over with the belt strapped on. Additionally, compared to a leather tool belt, the Bucket Boss 55185 durability is a bit wanting.

CLC Custom LeatherCraft 51452

Key features:

  • Made of reversed top grain heavy duty leather material.
  • Comes with a hammer loop.
  • Has multiple tool holders.
  • Fits waist sizes 29 inches to 49 inches.
CLC Custom LeatherCraft 51452 Electrician Tool Belt

Why we like it: Well, apart from its classic look, we like the CLC Custom Leathercraft mainly due to its reverse top grain leather material which goes a long way into ensuring the longevity of this tool belt. As a matter of fact, the material is water and soil resistant making the tool belt ideal for rough use such as construction site. When it comes to space for your tools, the CLC Custom Leather 175247 heavy duty does not disappoint. This electrician tools’ belt offers an average of four main pockets with an addition of other six smaller pockets for fitting your nails, pliers among other smaller tools. The hammer loop and the center pocket are also a huge plus for any electrician. The CLC Custom Leathercraft is also available in a variety of other sizes in terms of the number of pockets; eight and twelve pockets heavy-duty suede and twelve pockets contractor grade suede. Having that in mind, the tool belt also comes at a pocket-friendly price which is why we prefer it more.

Review: The CLC custom leathercraft 175274 is an ideal tool if you are working in a rough environment. The numerous compartments although common in many electrician tool belts, the extra pouches, and strap; are what make this tool belt must have for any electrician. The only downside to this belt is the buckle. Although the heavy-duty buckle is designed to make the tool belt more compatible it may cause a bit of discomfort. The thirty-day warranty also doesn’t sound good for a tool belt. Nevertheless, the manufacturer deserves huge thumbs up for designing such a heavy duty electrician tool belt at an economical price.

Dewalt DG5641 20 pockets Framers Combo

Key features:

  • Fully adjustable padded suspenders.
  • Twenty pockets and sleeves.
  • Five padded belts with roller buckle for stability.
  • Patented pouch handle that can be carried by hand.
  • Large pocket sizes for extra capacity.
Dewalt DG5641 20 pockets Framers Combo Electrician Tool Belt

Why we like it: One of the main reason why we like the Dewalt DG5641 is due to its large, gusset-style pockets. Well, on top of the extra capacity that these pockets provide, their design also caters for easy access of tools meaning that you get to do your job with many conveniences. The manufacturer also did some great work as far as the comfort of this tool belt is concerned. From the padded suspenders designed to distribute the weight evenly, to the padded belt with a double-tongue roller for extra comfort and stability. Another feature that makes this tool belt rank highly among the best electrician tool belts, is the two steel loop which comes in handy when carrying larger and heavier tools that may not fit into the belt, for instance, a hammer. Although this tool belt is available in two models, the only huge difference is the suspenders- one doesn’t have suspenders while the other does.

Review: This tool belt has some unique advantage that makes it stand out from the rest. First, it I the undeniable comfort the belt offers, right from the suspenders down to the belt. With this tool belt, you can say goodbye to going back and forth from your electrical project to your toolbox, thanks to it numerous pocket and sleeves enough to hold all your nail sets, tool, and pencils. The only downside to this tool bet is the pricing, for almost the same amount as this tool belt, there are other better tool belts. However, this doesn’t mean this tool belt doesn’t deliver value for your money.

Tradegear Medium Electrician Combo Belt

Key features:

  • Nylon web core interior.
  • Has an air-channel for ventilation.
  • Reinforced with rivets and bar-tack stitching.
  • Made of DuraTek fabric.
  • Contoured back support to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Two heavy duty pockets with extra 15 pockets.
TradeGear MEDIUM 3 Electrician’s Belt & Bag Combo Electrician Tool Belt

Why we like it: While leather is prized by many electricians for its durability and workability, the Tradegear medium tool belt uses a rather tough fabric, the 1250 denier nylon. The best part is that the fabric is reinforced by a nylon web and polyurethane base making it quite tough. As such, the tool bag is ideally durable as it would take a great number of efforts to tear it apart.
Moreover, the comfort and the sweat-free experience offered by this tool belt makes it worth recommending to an electrician. The belt’s high-density foam padding helps keep you cool as well as promote ventilation, especially when working for long hours. It is available in four main sizes, Large, Medium, Small and XLarge.

Review: The Tradegear manufacturers although it does not specialize in tools nor tool belts, partnered with Gatorback Contractor Pro; a reputable tool belt manufacturing company, to produce an electrician centered tool belt. The two companies’ high-quality craftsmanship is evident from the comfort the tool belt offers. The belt also has a convenient design which makes it easy to carry around for efficiency.

The spacious 27 compartments are also a huge advantage for a busy electrician with too many tools. Nevertheless, one main downside of this tool belt is that the nylon material and the plastic inserts never to the shapes of the tools as compared to a leather pouch. What this simply means is that the nylon structure of the Tradegear tool belt, makes the pouches remain open. While this may seem like a good thing considering the ease of tools, it may also contribute to the spilling of tools.

ToughBuilt Handyman Tool Belt set

Key features:

  • Patented clip tech hub.
  • Compatible with other pouches, belts, and holsters.
  • 2-inch padded belt.
  • Rivet reinforcement on major pressure points.
  • 2 heavy duty hammer loops.
ToughBuilt Handyman Tool Belt set Electrician Tool Belt

Why we like it: First, the fact that this toolset is fully customizable, with bags that are easy to attach and remove, cannot go unnoticed. The degree of organization and efficiency offered by this tool also sets it among our list of best electrician tool belts. In addition to its spacious pockets, is two tape measure clips, screwdrivers loop, and an extreme-duty hammer loop; all these providing for faster access to tools as well as the organization. This tool belt system falls within a budget-friendly range and will save you time and money. It is available in a variety of models all which are designed to cater to the needs of an electrician.

Review: This tool belt set is perfectly designed for electricians as well as construction workers and carpenters. Its spacious pouches allow for accommodation of a large variety of tools as well as promote the organization of tools. The compatibility of the tool set enabled by the proprietary clip technology- ClipTech- allows the electrician to add or detach pouches at will. Additionally, the rivet reinforcement guarantees the longevity of this tool belt set. The only major downside of the ToughBuilt Handyman tool set is the weak ClipTech hubs that tend to break easily especially when supporting heavier tools.

Gatorback B145 Triple Combo

Key features:

  • Patented air channel designed on the belt.
  • Made of heavy-duty DuraTek nylon.
  • Riveted pouches and belt.
  • Comes with one-year defect free warranty.
Gatorback B145 Triple Combo Electrician Tool Belt

Why we like it: If you are looking for comfort, then the Gatorback B145 Triple Combo is the best choice for you. This electrician tool belt has a pro-comfort back support which makes it one of the most comfortable tool belt in our list. The plastic interior lining of this 9-pouches belt also makes it worth a spot among our top recommendations. The lining gives the belt a box shape so that it doesn’t sag especially when it is fully loaded. Moreover, the box shape goes a long way into preventing the tools from poking holes through the bottom as well as help keep the pouches open for easier access of tool, without compromising on keeping the tools safe. The tool belt is also available in various sizes; XL, XXL, XXXL, medium and small.

Review: Among the many advantages of this tool belt, is the superior comfort it offers; as evident from the sweat-free and patented design. Even the foam material on the back support does a great job in ensuring a breathable and comfortable experience. In general, the Gatorback B145 is popular among electrician mainly due to its comfortability.

Furthermore, the durability of this tool belt is assured, clearly from the tacked and riveted pouches. The belt also has a lightweight despite being made of a quite tough material. Lastly, another advantage of the Gatorback B145 Triple Combo is the one year warranty; whereby in the event of defectives, the defective piece will be replaced free of charge. However, there have been several complains about the weak stitching of this tool belt, but apart from that the belt scores very well overall.

Final Verdict

Choosing the toolset from a variety electrician tool belts can be hectic. Of course, factoring the type electrical you do and the above-outlined factors before purchasing any electrical tool belt, can ease the burden of choosing from the numerous products in the market.

If you are looking for the best all round, you might consider going for the occidental leather 5590 M. As discussed above this tool set combines superior craftsmanship and a good collection of compartments all for a reasonable price. And the fact that it is made of leather shouts out durability.

The TradeGear tool belt also makes it to the list of our recommended electrician tool belt. Even though it is not made of leather, the 1250 nylon, is significantly durable. On top of its solid construction, the TradeGear tool belt also features a robust number of compartments- higher than the Occidental leather 5590 M- making it ideal for carrying all your tools.