Interesting things you should know about Pottery wheels

Last updated on August 20th, 2021

The potter’s wheel is a kind of device that has a rotating horizontal disk and on that disk, clay is molded by a potter. It’s a device that is ancient and old. However, it’s as efficient as ever. In fact, it has been modernized and become even better than before. Let’s talk about some of the things you should know about pottery wheels.

Why potter’s wheel was invented?

People always needed containers to put something. So before plastic was invented, people used clay to create containers. People built these ceramic containers by implementing a simple coiling technique. it wasn’t really a simple task. The potter had to use his hand frequently and put a lot of energy behind it. So they needed something to do things faster. As Plato said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. So eventually people invented potter wheels which helped the potter to be more fast and efficient.

Potter’s wheel and Egyptian mythology

Now, let’s talk about a fun fact. The pottery wheel actually has a place in Egyptian mythology. So how is that even possible? Well, In mythology, there are numerous Gods. Each God is unique in its own way. So there is a God named “Khnum“. Legend says that this guy actually created the humans on a potter’s wheel. So basically, we were made on a WHEEL.

Potter's wheel and Egyptian mythology

So Egyptians do have a history with it. There are many pictures of potters in Egyptian tombs. These are signs that potters use to make pots with clay. When you think about it, it’s amazing that we still have use for such an ancient device. Even though it has been modernized over the years, a lot of people in Asia still use its earlier version.

Which Pottery wheel to choose- Electric or Manual (Kick wheel)?

Well, we would advise you to go for the Electric wheels. If you are a beginner, then it’s almost mandatory to go for the electric wheels. The reason is quite simple. These things are extremely easy to use. You can easily adjust the wheel’s speed. Electric wheels are compact and maneuverable. In short, they are dynamic and versatile and that’s the reason why these things are perfect for amateurs. However, keep in mind that some of these electric wheels can be a bit expensive.

Horsepower of the Motor

What should be the ideal horsepower? Well, it depends on the type of work you are doing. If you are doing heavy work (which means if you put heavy weight on the wheel), then the motor should be more powerful. On the other hand, if you are putting less weight on the wheel, then the motor should be less powerful.

Final Verdict

So these are some of the most interesting things about pottery wheels. Modern-day pottery wheels are very different than what people used in the early days. However, the basics are almost the same. if you are thinking to start making some pots then you may need a wheel. we prepared a list of the best pottery wheels for beginners with buying guide, with the hope that will help you to pick the right one.