Predator 8750 Generator Review – Read Before You Buy it.

Last updated on August 29th, 2021

When you are running out of power, what is the best solution? Or, do you have to do some professional works outside? Yes, you need to use a generator. But when you need to run multiple electronics, an ordinary generator is not enough. You should look for something premium. If you find it is difficult to find from a bunch of products, order the Predator 8750 Generator. Though Predator has different models, users like it a lot because of its high capacity. If you have heard about it but are still in confusion, just read this full review. In a few minutes, I am going to cover everything in this Predator 8750 Generator Review.

Predator 8750 Peak / 7000 Running Watts Specification

8750 Peak/7000 Running Watts, 13 HP (420cc) Generator CARB Special
  • Run Time: 12 Hour
  • Peak Watt: 8750
  • Running Watts: 7000
  • Starter Type: Electric
  • Low oil shutdown: Yes
  • Item Weight: 220 pounds
  • Horsepower (hp): 13HP
  • Engine displacement (cc) : 420cc
  • Fuel type: 87+ Octane Unleaded
  • Engine Type: Air-cooled OHV Gas Engine
  • Output voltage (volts): 120/240 VAC, 12 VDC
Predator 8750 Generator specification

Features of Predator 8750 Generator

There are some unique features in this predator generator that you will like most. Here are the pro features of this generator.

  • Compact Design : When you live in a small space or in a small apartment, where you will keep the generator? This is difficult to answer when you are using a larger one. But thanks to the predator for their Predator 8750 generator. It comes in a compact size. After receiving the product, just install in your desired place and stay relaxed. It is not essential to have a significant space. Just use an area where you don’t keep your essential stuff. Though it is not a lightweight product, but easy to move using a wheel kit. However, the wheel kit is not included with the generator. But the equipment is available in the market at an affordable price. No matter if you don’t have a carrying kit, use the built-in handles for moving here to there.
  • Durability : Keep in mind that when you are investing in a generator, need to spend a significant amount of money. As they are going to give a more extended backup for power shortage. But what happens if the generator is showing several issues within a short time? Well, this can happen when you are using a low-quality product. If you have selected the Predator 8750, you can stay safe with it. It comes with a durable construction. All parts of this generator are made of high-grade materials. So, they perform the same continuously without any significant issues. That is why you can expect a long-lasting performance from this unit of Predator.
  • Capacity : Don’t waste your money by purchasing a low capacity generator. Otherwise, you will have to replace it. But, with the Predator 8750 generator, you don’t have to be tense much. It comes with high capacity. So, you can continuously use the generator for multiple electronics. This unit comes with 8750 Peak/7000 Running Watts. The peak rating indicates that the maximum power of the generator will be 8750 watts. And it will supply this watt under any circumstances when needed. So, the power supply remains constant. When you are arranging a party at home, this capacity will help you to stay worry-free. Also, whenever you have a shortage of power, you will have the best solution.
  • Low Maintenance : It is essential to keep the generator in a sound condition to get the best performance. In some generators, you need to do lots of things only for the maintenance. Also, they are difficult to clean. But there is no such kind of issues with this one. It only needs to clean the generator regularly. However, cleaning is not difficult. You don’t have to call a professional for the cleaning job. You can do it yourself using fresh water. There are no other regular maintenances required for this Predator generator.
  • Energy Efficient : No matter how much money are you spending on the generator if it requires lots of fuel. Your cost will increase. That is why this predator generator comes with energy efficiency. It is powered by a gas engine. This engine is energy efficient to reduce your cost. It has a 12-hour run time with the full capacity.
  • Ease to Use : If you are a new user of, shouldn’t purchase a product that has a complicated operation. It is even useful for the experienced users to save time. This predator 8750 generator comes with an easy operating system. It doesn’t require to be an expert to use the generator. Everything is marked in its body. So, you will have no confusion in an emergency. There is an electric start system. If you are bored of conventional generators, it will make you happy. However, for the electric start, it needs a battery. You have to purchase the battery separately.
  • Multiple Outlets : All the predator generator comes with a unique feature which is numerous outlets. When you want to use the generator for different purposes, this feature will help a lot. Moreover, this model provides two 240V plugs. There are 6 different outlets available in this model. So, you can connect a variety of electronics based on your activities. For camping, recreation, job site and other projects, these outlets help you to stay hassle free.

What Can You Run With this 8750 Peak Generator?

As you already know this predator generator comes with 8750 Peak and 7000 running watts. This is a massive capacity that allows you to use multiple accessories at the same time. Suppose you are a professional and need to use a tool on the job site. No matter, you can use both home accessories and the job site tools at the same time. Some common tools like drill machines, air compressors, electric saw run with this generator without any hassle. With these tools, you can also keep running the microwave oven, refrigerator, and lights at your home. There is no chance of running out of power supply.

Overall Review of Predator 8750 generator

It is true that the price of this predator generator is higher than most of the common generators in the market. But still, customers love this and purchasing this because of its high capacity.

With 8750 peak watts, it ensures the maximum output from a single generator. The long 12-hour running life is beneficial to stay hassle-free for a long time. The six power outlets help you to connect different electronics.

It can be used anywhere that requires a continuous power supply. Especially, it is an ideal generator for high-powered tools for recreation, job site, construction, and gardening, to starting up low-powered devices, etc. This one is suitable for all these works.

There is no risk of an accident in any circumstances. There is a built-in circuit breaker to ensure the user’s safety. It has a comfortable electric start with recoil back up. Just need to purchase a battery for the electric start.

  • It is a user-friendly generator with smooth operation.
  • Comes with a sturdy construction for longevity.
  • Impressive 12-hour run time.
  • Multiple outlets to connect additional tools.
  • 8750 peak watts for excellent performance.
  • Low-oil indicator.
  • Low oil shut-down feature for the safety.
  • Comes with heavy duty 1-1/4 in. Steel roll cage.
  • The battery is not included for electric start.
  • It is a heavyweight predator generator.
  • It is not affordable for all.

This is a high-power generator that comes with a huge power supply capacity. It comes with a design that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

At indoor, it applies to keep running the fan, lights, refrigerator, microwave oven, etc. Whenever you are in a power shortage, this generator will be the best support.

There are also different fields for outdoor usages. Any professional who needs continuous power on the job site can use this unit. For construction works, recreation, and some other purposes, you can rely on this generator.

Final Verdict

This Predator 8750 Generator Review has explained everything to you. Now you know why this generator is essential when you need high capacity. Though you may find some other Portable Generators from different brands, this Predator generator will be top of the list. It is not only for continuous power demand but also for durability. Customer who has purchased the unit is continuously using for a variety of works. It can perform the best for any commercial or regular usages.

The maintenance of this generator is also easy. There is nothing special care required for the maintenance. Just keep the generator clean to avoid any unexpected circumstances. The steel cage will keep the main device safe. However, if you don’t need this high capacity of the generator, you can pick other models from this Predator Generator Reviews or Predator 2000 Generator Review. There you will find additional models from the same brand.

The best alternative of Predator 8750 Generator.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Predator generator, Then our first choice is Champion. You may ask “Why?”

Cause, this monster Portable Generator can only beat Predator 8750 with price and power. It has a Dual Fuel feature, you can run it with Gasoline or Propane. With 9375w gasoline / 8400w propane Pick watts, and 7500 w gasoline / 6750w propane running watts. Read this Champion 7500-Watt Best Dual Fuel Portable Generator Review for more information.

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  1. my predator 8750 just stopped when I try to start it just backfires changed the carb still does the same help

  2. If it is backfiring, I would pull the valve cover and check the valve adjustment. It is possable a push rod slipped out of place or the adjustment is set too tight and not letting the valve close .

  3. Yes, But remember few things. keep this generator outside of your home. And make sure you are not loading more than 7000 Watts.

  4. I just bought a Predator 8750 Generator on Black Friday sale 2018, $499 My brother bought one last year and he loves it. He hard wired to the house so he has the ability to run different zones without drawing to many amps. I have been looking for a cover for this Generator made by Predator. I would expect them to make a cover in black with red Predator name on cover. I can find other covers but I just like my stuff to be correct. I could put a Ford Autocraft battery in my Chevrolet truck but that aint right to me. has anyone seen a cover made by predator for this generator.

  5. Does it matter whether I plug my twist plug into the 120 volt vs. the 120/240 volt outlet on the Predator 8750 generator?

  6. about 8750 generator. Re: the 120 volt 3 wire twist lock receptacle Vs. the 120/240 volt 4wire twist lock receptacle. They are of different NEMA configurations. “National Electric Manufacturing Association”. you can not physically do What I believe you are trying to do, so don’t!

  7. 1. Is Predator an inverter electric generator?
    2. What is the fuel tank capacity that lasts up to 12 hours continuous running?
    3. Need to know the noise level in db?

  8. Both gfci units on the front of my 8750 have gone our and will not re-set. i need to know where i can buy replacements. have the unit for parts year and half. Up graded from Predator 4000 which my son is using now.


  10. love mine. hooked it up to box now i use my breakers to select what to turn on or leave off, use it only few hrs when power outage. need to run it 5 mins every month…

  11. I have a predator 8750 and my electric start won’t work, is this a common issue because my neighbor has the same generator and same problem.

  12. It comes with the standard pull start, however the positive and negative leads are attached to the generator for battery electric start. I by-passed their battery as it seemed to small for long time use. I hooked my 8750/7000 generator to a Champion Lawn & Garden Battery, Group Size U1 – 250cca (12 month warranty). Their battery and the Champion battery are the same price.

  13. Never buy a predator generator 8750. Jus a big pice of crap. I just open the box put oil in it gas it u and nothing it is Dead it only good for a Boat anchor heavy as hell anchor you won’t go nowhere

  14. What is the warranty? I have one that started tripping the resets with nothing but as extension cord plugged into it!!

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