Things you want to know about Fume Extractor

Having issues with nasty, toxic, and unbearable smoke in your workshop? Yeah, we know how that feels and we also know how to deal with that. All you need is a good, functional fume extractor and that will get rid of that nasty smoke for you. So let’s talk more about it. We will answer some of the most common questions that people have regarding the fume extractor.

What is a fume extractor?

If your workplace produces a lot of smoke or toxic fumes, then you will surely need a fume extractor. So what really is this “Fume Extractor”?

Well, it’s a piece of equipment that sucks toxic fumes, cleans it with a special filter, and then returns the fresh air back into the room. In short, it sucks the air, cleans it, and makes sure that your workstation is healthy and safe for you and the workers.

Uses of the fume extractor

So what are the benefits of a fuel extractor?

Well, the thing is you need a fume extractor only when your workplace produces a lot of fumes that can be harmful. So if your workshop or factory involves welding, sanding, grinding, or any task that produces fumes, then you’ll need a fume extractor.

To be more specific, the main goal of a fume extractor is to create a healthy environment and make sure that workers have fresh air to breathe.

Types of fume extractors

There are a wide array of fume extractors. All of them have their pros and cons. So, you’ll need to know more about them-

  • Portable fume extractors

These fume extractors are compact and lightweight which means you can easily move them around. A lot of them come with castor wheels. Basically, it means that they are extremely convenient for anyone.

  • Benchtop fume extractors

Just by hearing the name, you can guess that it stays on the bench and remains close to where all the fume is produced. They take minimal space and that is an extremely useful feature.

  • Shelf or Enclosure Mounted Fume Extractors

These units are compact and most of them don’t need external ducting. They may have hoses that can direct airflow.

  • Wall Mounted fume extractors

The good thing about these units is that they need no floor space because the main unit will be attached to the wall. But they do require an extended arm to do the work.

  • Stand mounted fume extractors

If wall mounting is not an option, you can go for this kind of extractor. For oversized machinery, a stand mounted extractor is an ideal option for you to consider. If you don’t want your equipment to consume the floor space, then this can be a decent option.

Do fume extractors work?

Yes, absolutely. Why do you think there is a big market for it? Most factories that are involved in welding need to buy fume extractors in order to create a safe environment for the workers. So it does work and there is no question about it.

Do you need a fume extractor for welding?

For welding, having a fume extractor is a must. There is no doubt about that.  Welding fumes can be extremely harmful and deleterious to humans. In most cases, these fumes are toxic and if you are exposed to an environment where welding fumes are being produced constantly, then you will face severe health issues in the long run. So before breathing in the welding fumes, they must be captured and filtered. A fume extractor does exactly that. So you must have a fume extractor for welding.

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Do carbon fume extractors work?

Many fume extractors are embedded with a carbon filter. So how good is a carbon fume extractor? Well, that actually depends on the quality of the filter. If the quality of the filter is good, then the filter is good at adsorbing organic vapors and solvents. If the filter is not good enough, then you will have a problem because it won’t last long.

Fume Extractor Filters

There are different types of filters that you will see in the fume extractor. Let’s talk about them-

  • Particulate Filters

These filters have highly effective fibreglass media and they use it to catch smoke, dust, and other polluted air particles. Many people have problems with asthma and other allergens. So these filters can prevent them.

  • Micro-Pleat filters

Perfect for heavy applications, these filters can be cleaned and used once again to clean the air. The reason why it can be used again is that you can clean it by applying pressurized air. This is a great aspect of Micro-Pleat filters because these filters tend to last longer.

  • Activated Carbon Filters

Unlike Micro-Pleat filters, these filters cannot be used more than once. When it is completely saturated, you need to change it and replace it with a new one. Carbon filters can adsorb organic vapors and toxic chemical fumes.

How do fume extractors work?

So how does a fume extractor suck the fume? Well, the equipment has a fan and it uses the negative draft to pull the smoke or dust. Then it will extract all the harmful particles with a filter, and the air will be clean and fresh. Keel in mind that the filter is extremely crucial. That’s the most important aspect of this machine.

That is all we have to say about the fume extractor. the workers. At the end of the day, you want your workers to be more efficient and productive. For that, you’ll need to make sure that the environment in your workshop is safe and healthy. One of the many things you need to do is to make sure that the air is fresh and breatheable. This is why fume extractors are so necessary. Needless to say that fume extractors are necessary to create a safe environment for everyone.