Best Teeter Inversion Table Reviews for back Pain

Inversion tables have been used in Eastern Medicine for thousands of years, but they are relatively new here. Forget the various workout videos that no normal person can complete, especially if they are part of the 60% with back problems. Forget those videos if you would like to sleep better and longer. Inversion table therapy has made its way here. and it is better than ever. From spinal therapy to attitude, to appetite, these tables have science on their side, with dozens of years of study.

Now is the time we take a look at a few of these extremely helpful instruments; hopefully the reader can find the right, most satisfying, one!

There are over 300 million people just in the United States alone. They can help with anything from spinal readjustment to weight, blood pressure, mood, and much more. The table has been scientifically studied by every major medical market internationally, including the FDA in the United States.

It is frequently used in the hospital setting in physical therapy, worldwide. They are now available for home use, so there are a few on the market, just yearning to be compared to each other. Not every single person needs an inversion table, but a lot do, and do not even know it!

Top 5 Teeter Hang Ups reviews

In this article, we will look at who the particular Teeter Inversion Table is for, what the benefits are, and of course, what the reviews for each of the five tables are.

There are multiple things to be considered, aside from price, which everybody is worried about. This review took into account ease of transfer from room to room, ease of entry — body to a machine, comfort, support, intervals of inversion, and overall satisfaction. This is not a paid-for review, so it will be honest. If a product has more cons than pros, so be it. This is for the consumer, not anyone brand!

1. Teeter EP-560 Ltd.

(FDA-Cleared Inversion Table for back pain relief, 3rd-Party Safety Certified, Precision Engineering)

Pros: The pros of this table are many. First and foremost, the price is definitely right, and it is affordable for just about anybody. On Amazon alone, it has over 1200 reviews, and almost all of them are positive. Just broaching through the reviews, comfortable is the main keyword. Digging deeper, it goes much further than just comfort, as people also have made it clear why they use this table specifically upon recommendation.

Witness Reports: There are people who are usually too tall for other tables, people who are heavier than other tables are made for, people with disc issues, people with lower back issues, and people who are not used to using an inversion table, and they all rate this as a 5 out of 5, saying not only that it has helped them, but it has helped neighbors, parents and children coming back home from college. Ankle support seems to be okay, despite having no special harness to protect that part of the body. People are consistently able to function better with the EP-560, and it easily folds for storage.

– “I always wanted a Teeter and my back needed it. So I finally took the plunge and spent the money.” It is worth it folks!

– “the EP-560 paid for itself. My Chiropractor had been attempting to adjust that spot in my back for months. Two minutes on the hang-up, and I was the most well-adjusted guy in town!”

– “My back pain is usually relieved without taking any pain medicine and just inverting in my teeter chair for 2 minutes or more twice each day.”

– “I bought this table because, as near as I can tell, it is the only UL table on the market and I have no desire to hang upside down and then be dropped.”

Cons: The cons of this product are minimal. This inversion table is pretty heavy at around 60 pounds. If a person with serious back issues lives alone, this may be hard to manage, though that same 60 pound helps make the machine more stable. There is not an ankle lock system, so despite the ease of use mentioned, the extra precaution of not having that lock available needs to be considered. Also, it should be mentioned that pieces of this table are manufactured outside of the United States. This is a non-plus for most people, but it should at least be mentioned. The ‘seat’ of the table is made of plastic, so people with hernias or other digestive issues may not find this to be the best.

2. Teeter Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

Pros: This table is the real deal! I had to try this myself before reviewing it, and it was an amazing experience all-around. As soon as I was able to command my own movement on the table, it was a dream come true. My acid reflux went away, and considerable foot pain just ceased to occur. I had no issue with the ankle harnesses, and I was able to lay comfortably in several recommended positions. The most surprising effect was with an issue I constantly have — my neck. My all-around feeling was that if I bought this product, it would be an automatic massage therapist in my closet, ready any time that I had time.

Witness Reports: People only have positive things to say about this product and why they chose it over less expensive models. A person with lower back problems need not worry, for example, because everything can be controlled by the fingers. People feel secure and get relief instantly using this machine. The presets seem to be spot on at 20, 40, and even 60-degree angles. Several people who reviewed this item said they felt completely comfortable leaving the person who needs it to use it alone without the benefit of the person reviewing being around. A hallmark of comfort.

– “partial pain relief was immediate and it appears that the longer I invert the closer I come to being pain-free.”

– This is a very well-made product. Solid and relatively easy to put together. I have absolutely no fears about it breaking or coming apart when I’m on it. Make no mistake, though, it is heavy and will take up a few feet of floor space.”

– “This is an awesome piece of equipment. It has multiple hanging positions. A pretty straightforward piece of equipment. It comes with pressure point attachments and arch support and a head pillow. I highly recommend the same company’s vibration cushion with heated elements, as it completes the piece and makes it a much better overall experience.

– “Excellent product not just if you have a bad back but also to incorporate into your day to day exercise routines to live healthy and free of back pain and all-around tightness in your body.”

Cons: Unfortunately, this is a very pricey piece of equipment. It is certainly worth it, but it will set some people back a little. It will make one question if their pain is worth the price (the answer should be an absolute yes). This also weighs about ten more pounds than the previous inversion table reviewed, at 70 pounds. That qualifies as officially heavy, like picking up a 10-year-old grandson. This item is advertised as fold in storage, but it was significantly harder to fold than the item before this one. Anybody who buys this needs to be prepared to have extra room in their closet.

3. Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit, Blue/Titanium

Pros: This is it, the big one, the best of the best. It is specially made for those with herniated discs, abstracted lumbar, and nerve damage. Is it expensive? Of course. Is it worth it? Better believe it, seriously. The only possible way to make this product by Teeter any more special is to have it completely remote controlled. It has acupuncture settings, has structured ways of adjusting any part of the construction, and is FDA approved to help treat just about everything back and neck related, short of an accident. This is the artillery used in Physical Therapy sessions for people who have been severely disabled by pain. Think of any other cliche possible to describe how awesome this thing is!

Witness Reports: Don’t just read the rubbish I say, look at what many others have said:

– it “has all the bells and whistles”

– “It is easy to move once you set it in the storage position.”

– “My husband is the primary user and thus far is very impressed at benefits he is feeling”

– “I have two herniated disks- when I need instant relief I go to the “chair” – need only 5 minutes.”

It is positively insane how many people have reported this chair to be helpful, not just in acute healing, but for their day-to-day lives. Combing through everything that was said, combined with my own experience and taking a breath, reminds me of being on it. It even has a setting for acupuncture!

Cons: Consistently now, the weight of this machine can be prohibitive, though storage of this one seems to be easier than the prior chair reviewed.

4. Teeter Contour L3 Inversion Table, Blue/Gray

Pros: It is advertised as a new twist on an old design. It looks clean, as though it would perform like any other quality inversion table. The added benefit of this particular table seems to be its capacity to stretch for comfort, so it could be a great option for people who tend to have the bulk of their weight around their core or upper body, and it seems as though this would be a great option for those who are big and tall, as well. The product by Teeter has ankle support and is built with safety in mind. It looks comfortable.

Witness Reports: This looks to be a newer item by Teeter, as there are no reviews by consumers yet. Don’t let this discourage anyone from considering this model, it’s new, constructed by a notable and great team of people.

Cons: The cons really have yet to be determined, as this is a new item. When this happens, I depend on my own experience, which was neutral. I feel like the 2nd item in this review did a better job, but this product by Teeter otherwise blew its competition out of the park. Perhaps when more people purchase this, which will no doubt occur, I can make a better assessment.

5. Teeter Contour L5 Inversion Table

Pros: This is the newest and latest by Teeter, and let me just say, the reviews are already coming in. It is being advertised as a new item in an old market, but just standing next to it, it is obvious that this is an evolutionary, must-have furnishing. Upon laying on this table, I felt the most comfort I have not had the luxury of in a very long time. As I inverted, it felt heavenly. The design is completely new. The netting is not only more comfortable but also makes me feel like this is something that does not need to be hidden in a closet, it works with the rest of the furniture. The neck relief was instant, and my lower back felt pulsed and better within ten minutes. I would describe this as something worth thousands of dollars, not hundreds, but alas, it is in the hundreds range. No re-sells yet.

Witness Reports:

– “Funny but the day I received it, my back was screaming at me, threatening to put me out of commission again. Managed to get it put together by myself, adjusted it for my height (5′), and climbed on. The laid level then went to 60 degrees. Everything in my pockets fell out but I stayed put . . it felt so GOOD to stretch my whole body. Gently moved back to an upright position, reached down, unlocked my feet, and climbed off.” – WOW!

-“My Teeter Contour L5 is NO doubt, the BEST INVESTMENT I EVER MADE. No ifs, and, or buts!”

This is not made up, you can see it for yourself on!!!

-“It is well made with very sturdy construction, and makes feel very secure”

-“I have purchased 3 different inversion tables, this is by far the best. Most are very uncomfortable on your ankles, this one distributes the weight on your ankles evenly and makes it easy to invert yourself for a longer period of time.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What makes these tables so much better than other inverted tables?

A: They have been designed by a team of doctors who really just want the best outcome for a patient’s body. Don’t believe me? Try mailing a 100-pound object. They are not selling these tables for the money, they only have your interests at heart. Each table is constructed for different issues, and each delivers as promised. I tried every single one of them, the only one I didn’t favor was the one that addressed issues I did not have.

Q: In what amount of time can I expect to feel a difference?

A: If you have chosen the right table, the one that addresses the issues you have, then expect results immediately for acute pain. When I say that, I mean immediately, within seconds! For long-term issues, it would seem obvious that it will take a while to readjust, but the longest period of time I have seen mentioned was within a matter of weeks.

Q. This is approved by the FDA, so what?

A: It is insanely difficult to get the stamp of approval from the FDA. It requires years upon years of research, and for that research to be checked, tested in a lab, tested outside of a lab, and then again in practical use. To acquire the Canadian standard is even harder. Most Chiropractic procedures, just as an example, have NOT been approved by the FDA.

Q: How do I know if this item will make a difference in my day-to-day life?

A: Just read the reviews! This entire line has what you are looking for. Not only that, but Teeter seems to improve upon itself annually. These doctors care about the patients they wish to help.

Final Verdict

There are cheaper inversion tables on the market. I have read through the reviews for them, have tried out some, and with few exceptions, they fail to hit the mark as this line has. The same goes for more expensive models. After writing this, I’m probably going to invest it n the L5 myself, because of the special attention I need regarding my core. Right now, it is a fantasy of mine to work out for an hour, and just invert on the L5 after. It is a good investment, each has an expansive warranty… I have no doubt, after reading through the reviews, that this company of doctors is more than willing to replace parts if need be. After 15 years of gymnastics, being a part of the U.S. National team, I have nothing but good things to say. It’s worth the money, just make the investment in yourself!