Power Airfryer XL Review

In this Power Airfryer XL Review we are about to know the specifications, features, advantage and disadvantages of this air fryer. Also there will be a brief review and some uses with tips. So, let’s begin…

Power air fryer is used for frying. This machine does not use oil but instead uses super-heated air. Taste of food does not change its flavor and it is even healthier as fat levels reduce by up to 80% as compared to those foods regularly fried using oil. The consumers of this product can now consume anything they please without having to worry about the implications of consumption of fats and too many calories found in foods that are fried using too much fat in cases where traditional methods are to be used. The machine has multiple uses such as roasting, steaming, air frying, baking and also grilling.

Specifications or Power Airfryer XL

  • Manufacturer: power air fryer
  • Item weight: this device has been designed to weight up to 14 lbs.
  • Voltage: for proper functioning, the device uses a voltage of 120volts
  • Wattage: the power consumed by this device is 1500 or 1700 watts
  • Color: it is available in two colors, Black, and red. The consumer is to choose in accordance with his preferences.
  • Material: material used to make the device is plastic.
  • Temperature range: temperature gets up to 6400 degrees to ensure that food is properly cooked giving it a crispy taste
  • Panel: Digital
  • Warranty: this product comes with 60 days Money Back Guarantee.

Features of Power Airfryer XL

  • The order also comes with a recipe book.
    After ordering the Power Airfryer XL, one is provided with a recipe of all favorite American fast foods. Those that can b prepared using the fryer.
  • Comes in different sizes.
    The power air fryer comes in three sizes, a larger size and two smaller. The small size that serves three to four people is 3.4-quart and 3.4-quart deluxe basket while the larger one serves five to six people and is a 5.3-quart basket.
  • The timer is auto off.
    This feature on the device will shut off the device as soon as it goes off. The auto off feature makes the device, even more, user-friendly as all one has to do is set the timer and leave the food to fry.
  • The divider can be adjusted.
    An adjustable divider will help the user of the device to cook different types of foods at the same time.
  • Color choices.
    The device is available in two colors. It, therefore, depends on the user’s preferences on what color of the product to choose. The colors available are black and red.
  • The handle is large and easy to grip.
    The handle is practical and its use is easy. It makes it easy to lift the food out of the basket without fear of dropping it.
  • Smart sensor presets.
    There are several smart sensors pre-set on this device. They are preprogrammed to cook certain foods at the perfect temperature and ensure the right amount of tie is taken. When cooking a dish with these preprogrammed instructions, all you have to do is select the option.

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  • Six in one kitchen appliance.
    This device can be used in six different ways in the kitchen; it can be used to bake, roast, grill, steam and air fry. It’s an effective kitchen appliance as it can replace six appliances.
  • Dishwasher safe.
    It is a dishwasher safe appliance and makes the cleaning process to be safe, easy and fast.
  • Lesser calories
    The power air fryer uses no oils to fry unlike the traditional fryer, the foods fried therefore have lesser calories. The food is healthy and tastes as good as that fried using the traditional method.
  • Safer compared to traditional methods.
    Traditional fryers use oil and grease which is unhealthy because of the calories. When the oil spatters the burns can be severe. Using the power air fryer, accidents such as burns are prevented. It is also a healthier method due to the reduced calories.
  • Used Advanced technology
    The device could heat up to 6400 degrees. This high temperature helps to fry the food even quicker compared to other methods. It is also technologically advanced in that it could be used to perform six different tasks.

The power air fryer like other machines is not perfect. It has various limitations of its own which include:

  • Control panel gets hot.
    The panel gets very hot when the basket is pulled out to check the food. The panel should, therefore, be used with great caution to prevent burns.
  • Limited storage
    If the kitchen space is limited, then their storage of the device in the kitchen leads to certain inconveniences.

The amazing way to fry foods with little to no oil using super-heated air, less fat & up to 80% fewer calories – Cook healthier with less added fat!

Review of Power Airfryer XL

The power air fryer XL as advertised on TV promises to fry food with little to no oil reducing fat levels by up to 80 percent. This product is manufactured by the Tristan Company who previously manufactured the power pressure cooker which had low ratings. they use a well-known chef, Eric Theiss, to market the product. the marketing technique used is effective as the chef is well known for his good kitchen work and will, therefore, have a great effect on the targeted market. Regardless of their previous product ratings and the consumer reviews, the Tristan Product does not stop at that but they also bring us the power air fryer.

Different consumers of Power Airfryer XL have reviewed it differently.

The product definitely does not tell us its advantages when it advertises on TV. That is for the consumers to find out for themselves. However, most reviews of this product are positive as it is easy to use and convenient as lesser time is consumed during the food preparation as compared to traditional methods. The device helps those people who cannot consume products with higher fat levels due to health reasons as the fat levels have been reduced by 80%. The fryer has an added advantage as it even comes with a recipe for foods that it can prepare.

On Amazon, the product is reviewed differently by each consumer. 67% give it a five-star mark rating but the rest just give it less. Each consumer’s complaint differs from that of the other. Most, however, seem to care about how the product should be cleaned as it cannot be separated from the source and they find it unhygienic to pour soap and water. The Tristan products should rectify this issue so all consumers feel like their hygiene issues have been taken care off. Most people think that it is an effective method of preparing their fast foods as less time is taken as compared to traditional methods of frying.

Complaints about the inner lining wearing out while the fryer is still new and has only been used for a couple of times have been raised. It is now up to the Tristan Products to make the product more durable as it is very costly. This helps to avoid losses to the consumer.

USES of Power Air Fryer

The power air fryer being a multipurpose kitchen appliance has several uses. It can be used to replace some of the other kitchen appliances whose function it can perform. Since the power air fryer does not use oil or grease in its functions, it may be considered the best kitchen appliance for those functions that it is suited for. A house that has purchased this kitchen equipment could use it for not purposes other than just frying food. Some of this uses include, air frying which is the use mentioned even in the devices name.

Some other uses are:

  • roasting
  • steaming
  • baking
  • and also grilling.

Power Airfryer XL is effective as it serves multipurpose.


The power air fryer like any other kitchen appliance has effective ways of using it. These should be considered while using it so as to avoid damage to the device and ensure it works efficiently.

  • Preheats it before food to be prepared is added.
  • After preheating add the food to be prepared
  • Using a spray bottle spray the food with oil
  • Properly bread the food using bread crumbs as directed by the recipe.
  • Use oven safe accessories to avoid ruining the power air fryer.
  • Do not get accessories in the air fryer but instead use an aluminum foil.

Power Airfryer XL is a kitchen appliance that has been designed to use electric power while frying. This appliance helps the user to fry with little or no oil hence it is health friendly as the calorie levels are reduced up to 80 percent. The power air fryer is, therefore, an effective device for those who are dualistic and cannot consume fats or those willing to cut down on fats. It is a device that takes lesser time to prepare food as compared to the traditional methods.