Top & Best Tire Chains for your Car, Light Truck & SUVs

Last updated on August 25th, 2021

Vehicle safety while driving in the snow or mud is one of the things that manufacturers have always struggled to deal with. It is now time to enjoy the benefits of using the best tire chains. It will not matter how much snow or ice will be on the ground, with the snow chains fitted on your vehicle tires, your vehicle will move fast as if they don’t exist.

The market will provide you with many options for you to make a choice. But without the best knowledge of doing the best selection, you might fall while making a choice. That is why we have managed to get the best items in the market for you. The good part is that the snow chains have our seal of approval, so you don’t have to get worried at all.

List of Best Tire Chains

XB-16 Snow Tire Chains by Konig

Key features:

  • Is able to grip snow and ice in a solid manner.
  • closed shortening hooks.
  • made from quality materials to make it corrosion resistant.
  • the rubber tensioners that have been integrated ensure that you are able to control the fit on the chains.
  • Has unique color coded connection points.

Why we like it: This is a great chain that can be used for off-road driving or living. It does not get problems easily because of the high-quality parts that are used to make it. The case that it has been made with is one of the greatest because it is able to fit in well and faster. The larger links that are in this chain are able to provide it with more gripping power on any dirt on the road that you are driving. They are also unique because they fit right out of the box when you buy them. You can use them on your cars and SUVs.

Review: These chains are easy to put on and off and really work well in snow and ice. It also has replacement links that are put on in an easy manner. Putting on the chain will only take 5 minutes putting each chain on and a total of 5 minutes to remove them all. With the chains on, you can drive up to 30mph on the snow. You will never get to experience any difficulty while driving.

Super Z6 by Security Chain Company

Key features:

  • They have a diagonal pattern that will ensure that there is constant traction, stopping and even aggressive starting.
  • There is a split outside cable that also has two fastening positions that will ensure that you have easy installation. You don’t even need to move the vehicle.
  • Designed with an in-rubber tightener that will ensure smooth attachment. In fact, you will never have a problem of stopping from time to time to retighten the chains.

Why we like it: This kind of chain can be used with vehicles that have been made with restricted clearance around the drive tires. It is loved because of one major quality of being able to operate in less than half of the space that is required by other cable and tire chains out there. When you have fitted it on the tire, you will realize that it is an easy process and you don’t have to stop frequently so that you retighten the chain. It is a one-install product and you forget about it. It has been made to ensure that you enjoy its service for a longer time.

Review: These are chains that have been made to last as long as you put them on well. At first, you might think that they are uncomfortable as you drive. But that will never happen. They have been made to offer you a long service and protect your tires from wear and tear. Tires will always be new on your cars, pickups, and SUVs. No matter the frequency at which they are used, the chains are always going to protect them from spoiling or punctures.

XG-12 PRO Snow tire chains by Konig

Key features:

  • It is a self-tensioning and self-adjusting chain. That means that there is no need for manual adjustments.
  • It has a special pattern. That allows it to offer you a wide variety of exceptional traction in a wide variety of surfaces and places.
  • Made with anti-scratch nylon bumpers that are there to ensure that the allow wheels are protected

Why we like it: The uniqueness of this chain is how they are installed and how they work in your tire. That is why they have been built for durability for all its users. At the same time, once you have installed them, they also ensure that you have an easier time using them. they come with an added system (self-centering and auto tensioning) that will ensure that the chains are adjusted for a perfect fit at all times. The unique part is that, as the tire turns, the chains also adjust so that they are able to get tight on the tires.

Review: We can say that the hardest part for us was hooking the back hook that is found on the chains to our SUV. But after you have done that, you will love the service that it will give you. The connection that it has is easy but ensures also that the clearances are not tight because that will mean. We loved the chains because once all the fittings and connections are done, then you drive the vehicle, they will true up and tighten due to the design that they have been given. It’s the best tire chain that you can ever have.

CB-12 Snow tire chains by Konig

Key features:

  • The chains are manually tensioned meaning that you can do this by driving 20 meters before you are able to secure.
  • Made with a flexible steel cable that is found at the back, meaning that it will simplify installation.
  • This has special shortening hooks that ensure knots are avoided in the chain.

Why we like it: We have liked this chain because of its simplicity and reliability of usage. It has been made with a manual tensioning system. The chain tensioners also are unique and will avoid coils on the chain. It has the ability to give your tire the best traction while riding on snow and ice. Mounting the chains is one of the easiest things. You only need 2 steps and the chain will be on the tires.

Review: These are by far the best snow chains we have used. They are a perfect match for our Toyota Salon car. They have provided superior traction at any time of driving in snow or ice. Without them, our car will have been useless in situations that we could not be able to drive through. It is color-coded, which makes installation not only simple but makes the chain compatible with the tire.

Cobra Cable Passenger Snow Traction Tire Chains by Quality Chain

Cobra Cable Passenger Snow Traction Tire Chains by Quality Chain

Key features:

  • Has tough carbon steel rollers that will ensure that you better traction and long usage.
  • They are low profile steel rollers hence provide increased tor-to-road contact.
  • They are galvanized to protect them from any rust.

Why we like it: When you compare the price to the value ratio, you will find that the chain becomes an impressive one. There is no way that you can equate low price to quality because this chain has proved otherwise. The quality that has is decent. It is also a lighter product. When you are traveling on a tarmac road, you can stash it behind your vehicle and it will not add any weight at all. It also fits many cars out there. So, if you have a plan of going to snow areas, ensure that it is at the back of your vehicle, when you reach that place, fit it on. For use on cars having minimal clearance availability.

H2314SLC Light Truck Square Link Tire Chain by Glacier Chains

H2314SLC Light Truck Square Link Tire Chain by Glacier Chains

Key features:

  • Lever end fastener enables hassle-free mounting
  • Great for SUV, van, and truck
  • Comes with locking side cams to ensure you get a good fit
  • Tough carbon steel square link cross chain

Why we like it: The tough steel makes this chain great for everyday use. Since it is lightweight, drivers can carry it without any issue. The good traction and durability that the chain offers make us love it most.  The chain has met the state requirement for cable traction devices. This is something we always look upon when buying snow chains.

Review: This snow chain is made for SUVs, vans, and trucks and you will love it because it is a robust-looking chain. You don’t have to be handy at all, this item requires simple installation. The traction which it offers is great on snow and ice. The tough carbon steel makes it resist breakage, wear, regular use. It is made to give a perfect and secure fit so you don’t have to worry while driving on snow and ice.  The chain will do well on the rear tires of your pick-up truck. Also, you will love using them on snow, mud, and glare ice and you will notice that you’re getting a comfortable ride. Don’t fear the weather anymore when you own these snow chains.

Super Z8 by Security Chain Company

Key features:

  • Rubber tightener will let you drive without worrying about the chains
  • Compatible with vehicles with traction control, all-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, and other electronically monitored control systems
  • Works well with vehicles with low clearance in their wheel

Why we like it: What makes these chains a must-have is the fact that you don’t have to waste more than 5 minutes in one wheel. The traction coils have the best lifespan because they are made from alloy steel. The chain will never leave you stuck on mud or snow. We also like the unique design of these chains since they won’t damage your vehicle’s body, as well as, mechanical components.

Review: Here is another set of snow tire chains that everyone with an SUV, large pickups, and passenger cars should try to use. Actually, the chains are perfect for your vehicles and great for everyday operation. It comes in a set of 2 and setting them up needs only five minutes per wheel. We like them because they don’t destroy the inside of our vehicle’s wheel. After installation, you don’t have to stop and retighten them. This is because they have rubber tighteners that ensure you get a secure fit. Your vehicle will never slide too much on the ice and driving over the snow will never give you frustration.

Quik Grip Light Truck Tire Traction Chain by Security Chain Company

Key features:

  • Come in chains which are cam and non-cam style to enable stress-free installation and removal
  • They have simple and basic design making them great for everyday use but the traction is unbeatable
  • Included cam tool gives a secure fit for peace of mind
  • Super durable snow chain which is a good alternative to cable chains

Why we like it: Just as the name states, you’re sure that these tire chains deliver a quick grip on mud, ice, and snow. Fitting and removing will never take your time. The included cam tool enables drivers to install the chain without the need for a chain tightener. The chains look simple and basic but offer the best traction and hassle-free removal.

Review: If you own heavy-duty vehicles, then you need this high-quality snow chain. Those vehicles with thick tire treads need this product. It is also suitable for those vehicles with low profile clearance and optimum traction is what you can expect from this chain. We like using them in deep-packed ice and snow. It enables us to drive comfortably, something we always appreciate. Installation is another thing we love most; this item comes with a cam to let you ensure you get a secure fit.

V-Bar Twist Link Tire Chain by Glacier Chains for Light Trucks

Key features:

  • Comes with locking side-cams to enable drivers to have a good fit.
  • The durable steel construction makes the product great for van, truck, and SUV.
  • It has level end fasteners to enable hassle-free mounting.
  • The cross chains feature welded V-bar to give peace of mind while driving on snow, mud, sand, and ice.
  • Convenient design makes the chain to work on either rear-or-wheel drive vehicles.

Why we like it: The robust-looking chain offers great traction on sand, mud, ice, and snow. Mounting is super easy and the carbon steel of the chain enables drivers to use the chain frequently. We like the fact that this chain is made to resist wear and breakage. We highly recommend that these chains can be used daily and don’t be afraid to use them in harsh outdoor weather. Carrying the chains will not frustrate you at all because of their compact design.

Review: V-Bar Twist Link Tire Chain will be your great companion if you are planning to use it in harsh outdoors. The simplest design makes the chain great for your vehicle and it will offer you unbelievable traction and performance. These steel chains will perfectly fit on your van’s tires and in fact, remain there until you uninstall them. Don’t expect any noise when using these products because they snug tightly. They will not entangle with other objects. We love them because they give a better fit, as well as, a footprint for great performance and safety.

Things to consider before anyone buys tire chain

  • Tire size. This is an important aspect when it comes to snow chains. That is why it is a must for you to pay attention to the tire size of your car. With this in mind, then you can be able to make a choice of the best chain that will fit them well.
  • The kind of installation of the tire chains. When it comes to installing chains, there are two methods that are pretty known. One is easy and does not need you to move your vehicle because the whole process is aided by special accessories and tensioners. The second one is not as that easy, it is complicated. After fitting your chain, you have to drive a bit so that you determine if the chain is fit. If you buy snow chaos that doesn’t have tensioners, it is advised that you check them after every 15-20 minutes.
  • Materials used in making snow chains. When buying any chain, make sure that you get one that is durable. At the same time, the kind of materials that chains are made is vital for your total safety as you drive. Buy products that are made with alloys because they reduce the general weight of the chain. The use of low carbon is also vital in ensuring that the chain is strong and flexible
  • Make a selection of a good chain with the right kind of pattern that you need. Chains come with different patterns right from those that run straight across the tire-known to give excellent traction to those that have full patterns for heavy duty use.

Picking the Best tire chain

We have picked the Konig XG-12 PRO Snow tire chain as our best product because of its ease of use. Although it will take a bit of time to install, it will serve you well when you have finished the installation. They are by far affordable and will serve you for a longer time when you compare them with others.

Final verdict

You don’t have to let your freedom of driving be controlled or hindered by weather conditions. Snow and ice are not good news to many drivers because they hinder the tires from getting the best traction. Thanks to the modern renovation that we have in the market. The above chains will ensure that you go anywhere regardless of the weather. What you have to do now is to make a purchase of the right kind of chains for your tires and carry them with you. When the snow starts, you put them on, and off you go.